Creative Revelations…

Thank you 4DM for bringing colour and vibrancy, smiles and enthusiasm to your ‘Arts Fortnight’. Through exploration and embracing new challenges, you have all bravely ‘had a go’ and because of this experienced many wow moments along your journey. Who would have thought that Oscar Wilde’s classic story, ‘The Selfish Giant’ could generate monologues, dialogues, letters, dance, drama and such stunning art work in the style of the artist Robert Kushner?

A big thank you also goes to Miss Allison for her wonderful choreography and sharing the importance of team work on so many levels. Trust in each other was certainly evidenced in your wall sections, whilst team work resulted in a delightful performance. The smiles and applause from your parents, sisters and interested adults was testament to your achievement.

Last but not least were the jam tarts you baked with Mrs Walker, and then wolfed down over tea and coffee in the cafe!

Here are some of the lovely comments from this afternoons celebration…

I liked being able to talk to Matthew about his work and listening to him explain what they have been working on in lessons. I also liked being able to paint and draw and have a nosey around his classroom!’ Charlotte (big sister)

I am very proud of 4DM for the amazing work they have done, and performing a beautiful dance.‘ Miss Henstock

The way they told the story through dance was very impressive. All the artwork was amazing and individual. I would happily display at home!’

Loved the jam tarts! The Art, the dancing and interaction of children in working together was great.’ Karam’s mum

I really enjoyed the artwork Adwaya produced. It was nice to see they learn so many things in school.’ Adwaya’s mum


School Direct Art Day

On the 2nd May, the art studio had ‘School direct students’ not Allerton CE pupils creating, printing and exploring. Tones and tints in paint, cross hatching and line in drawing, tearing, coiling and relief in collage were just some of the warm up activities.

They were then taken through a series of art process including block printing, lino printing and clay relief. Through a drawing exercise in felt tip, the students collaboratively created observational drawings of flowers. Their own individual observational drawing was then created using any of the mediums experienced so far. With the help of a viewfinder, part of their drawing was then used to create the design for their block print. The results were definitely effective.

After lunch, their design was then transferred onto lino, cut into, inked up and then worked on some more. A sense of achievement was felt by all-with a desire for certain prints to be framed! Finally, the group saw how they could create a clay relief from their designs…

A most enjoyable day, with students equipped to take some of the ideas into their own classrooms in the future.


Artist and Author provide the inspiration…

Wow! This Friday’s celebration showcased:

  • Collaborative collage and intricate computer art. These were in the style of the artist Robert Kushner and adorned the walls of the art studio.


  • A spectacular dance inspired by Oscar Wildes’ story, ‘The Selfish Giant’, which was choreographed by Miss Allison and performed by the talented 4CC.
  • Wonderful writes-including monologues and letters-that were enthusiastically shared to interested adults in 4CC.
  • Divine plum tarts baked by 4CC, under the guidance of Mrs Walker and then devoured over cups of tea and coffee in the café.

    Well done 4CC for all your hard work over the past fortnight. Personally, I thought the studio hadn’t looked so beautiful. Mrs Culshaw revealed how enthusiastically and honestly you shared your writes and learning with an interested adult .Your parents’ comments all praised the class dance. Well done!

Here is some of the feedback from the afternoon celebration:

“The dance was so happy, the children clearly enjoyed it.” Mrs Cattrall

“I really liked the children dancing. The Giant made me laugh. I also loved listening to them reading ‘The Selfish Giant’.”

“I’m really sorry I missed Kristina’s dance, but I think it was amazing because she did lots of practise at home.” Kristina’s mum.

“I loved watching the children do the dance to tell us the story. You could see the passion and love and enjoyment. It was a pleasure to see. Thank you.” Nyiema’s mum.

“Innovative use of technology.  Great participation.  Encouraging children to use their own ideas. Such confidence building.” 

“I enjoyed the dance and listening to Amber get excited over her work. She has really enjoyed the work over the past two weeks.” Amber’s mum.

“I loved the dance they did in the hall and I am so happy with Tia’s work she has been doing over the past two weeks.” One happy mum.