And so it was…

What a creative team class 5RA are. Inclusive, encouraging and focused, they embraced all the different areas of learning -drama, oral storytelling, speech demarcation,dance, art and cooking. It has been a joy and privilege to work with them. 

Pie Corbett’s version of Daedalus and Icarus, along with Mr Ash’s poem, was the hook for the art, dance and rap. Through observational drawings, watercolour and collage we illustrated the tragedy of this myth. 

Further feather drawings were then created independently and then combined to make a collaborative piece which would become the ‘stained glass window’. One of the many challenges was to enlarge the drawing onto the acetate, another was agreeing as a group on the composition. Chalk and blackboard jigsaw pieces supported the class in drawing on a larger scale- the glitter providing the complementary colour to the outlines. Applying the lead effect required a steady hand and concentration as did brushing on the glass paints. The end result was effective and one parent in their feedback commented, “I loved the stain glass windows-very colourful and beautiful.”

Once again, Mrs Lynch choreographed a dramatic contemporary piece, incorporating the choreography created by 5RA in their groups. Trust was integral to this piece as well as timing. The final performance was an emotional one because of their inclusiveness, focus and commitment to the piece. 

Writing their own myth drew on the heroes already experienced during their learning on Ancient Greece. Labyrinths and caves, beasts and slaying all featured along with a tragic ending. Drama and different experiences- including being blindfolded on the trim trail or placing a hand into a feely bag of fish- all contributed to understanding the vocabulary we could insert into our myths. 

The following comments collected after the carousel of activities during the afternoon of celebration are below. A big thank you goes to Miss Nwaesei for standing in for Mrs Walker in the cafe- the Tzatziki dip was a great hit as was your enthusiasm. 

Great to see such a broad range of activities that the children do covering one topic. Great to see parents/grandparents encouraged to join in and share the children’s learning.”

I had a wonderful time with my son and his friends. I felt happy and inspired to watch their great activities. I’d like to thank you all teachers. Merry Christmas!”

Amazing! I thought I was going to cry but held back-a very proud parent. Zakrya has thoroughly enjoyed his Art Fortnight. Thank you to Mrs Johnston for helping Zakrya in class.”

I am pleased to be part of this years 5RA’s Art Celebration. The dance was quite interesting, the writing was good story, cooking at the cafe was good. Overall, it is great to see different part of life incorporated into the pupils’ learning. Well done.

The dance was brilliant and all the children did amazing.” 

It was a really amazing performance.”

It was great to see Fatimah’s progression in her creativity, writing and dancing.

I enjoyed looking at the wonderful and hard work of the children’s art and all the detail they have added to their art. Very impressive.” Aaliyah’s mum

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