The ‘Wood Wide Web’ and Adel Woods

What a privilege it has been to work with Year 6. To drench them in vocabulary- which they have then made sense of- so that words and phrases were brought to life in dance, story and art.

Collaboration and trust have been integral to this process, as has ‘having a go’ and editing and revising. Thank you 6SK and 6LM for responding to feedback and putting yourselves wholeheartedly into the fortnight. As a cohort you oozed creativity, energy and enthusiasm. Don’t be afraid to continue to use your imaginations, dare to explore and express yourself through the arts…it is a beautiful medium.


Hopefully these photographs taken by John Sherbourne on the afternoon of the Celebration, as well as the comments from interested adults and parents will make you smile. Keep the focus and believe that you can.

‘Thoroughly enjoyed seeing what my Grandson and his classmates have done. Very impressed.’

‘I really enjoyed seeing Oscar’s work and sharing his learning. The interactive format was fun.’

‘An interesting and fun afternoon. Lots of activities. It was good to see what the children have been learning.’

‘A lovely afternoon. Thoroughly enjoyed every aspect and the opportunity to share (and experience) some of my son’s learning over the fortnight. Thank you.’

4SP introduce google classroom into the art studio and Leeds Beckett University inspire once again.

Collaborative poems capturing a groups’ freeze frame of interesting vocabulary, as well as responses to reading tasks were just some of the challenges 4SP completed and uploaded onto the art studio google classroom- thank you to Mrs Potter for driving this innovative learning.  The theme was trees but the direction once again differed from the previous classes’ response.

‘Skeletal frames tangled like a knot against a grey backdrop…the forest shivers and quivers…bare limbs stand frozen in the frost…’ were just some of the phrases from 4SP’s poems that inspired Mrs Lynch’s choreography.

Their poems also provided the stimulus for their collages. The process incorporated their observational drawings, a growing appreciation and understanding of how to apply the skills of collage as well as the sheer delight of glitter! A third year graphic and design art student will build on their collage experience by working with them in a fortnight.

Once again, Friday’s celebration was a platform to share all the learning that had happened with an interested adult. The feedback was really encouraging.  Here is one of the lovely comments:

“What can I say?-just fantastic! So impressed with all the children. Amazing dancing; beautiful art work;warm, lovely environment-just so impressed.”

Last Tuesday, our ACE art ambassadors, also returned to Leeds Beckett University for their final workshop. Animation, risographs, printing and book binding were the order of the day and thoroughly enjoyed by the fourteen. Hopefully their reflections from the day will be uploaded onto the art studio google classroom within the week.



Our ‘glorious’ places…

Dr Seuss’ book ‘The Lorax’ again provided the hook for the art. However, the bare trees of Winter in our school grounds, contrasted with the colourful ‘Truffula Trees’.

Because of this, seasons were discussed. 1RC are now familiar with the parts of the tree –roots, trunk, bark, branches, twigs, buds, blossom, leaves-and have a growing understanding of a trees importance in keeping our world healthy.  Creating our own trees from plasticine reinforced this vocabulary as well as encouraging fine motor skills in the sculpting.

This learning meant we understood why the ‘Once-ler’s’ actions had consequences. Through small world-lego and wooden blocks-the children reflected the story in their creations. When the factory was ‘biggered and biggered and biggered’ the groups joined together to create a polluted setting where animals could no longer live.

Settings of the ‘glorious’ place were made using small world and then painted. In our paintings we demonstrated

  • skill in mixing colours-especially secondary as well as a brown
  • ability to create a background
  • understanding of when to use a thick or thin brush
  • excellent compositions!


These settings were then used as the backdrop for the group animations. Thank you to Mr Cosgrove for piecing the clips and sound together. The paintings were beautiful and brought colour and smiles to the art studio.

The dance, choreographed by Mrs Lynch had Robins, Sparrows, Blue-tits, Owls and Woodpeckers swooping, flying, busily building nests, chirping and eating.


Moments of stillness as well as their own simple yet effective bird stories brought a smile to Friday’s celebration as 1RC relished their final performance. Thank you -parents and grandparents -for being an appreciative audience. The workshops that followed appeared to give those that attended a taste of what we had been up to over the fortnight. Here are some of the lovely comments and photographs that captured the sharing of 1RC’s Arts fortnight.

It’s been a lovely afternoon. I liked the way we got to take part in different activities as well as seeing their work. The work they have done in the Art Studio is fantastic. It’s a great opportunity that they get to work in here in blocks. Tom has loved working in here very much and was super proud to show me his work. Thank you.

We had lots of fun! We enjoyed all the activities! Great job Year 1RC.’

‘Everything was amazing. Art amazing. So proud of Scarlett and grateful for the teachers’ hard work and their support for Scarlett. I enjoyed dancing and making things. Just amazing!’

‘I really enjoyed that we were split into groups. It made it less hectic and more enjoyable as well as easier to enjoy 1:1 time with my child. I enjoyed seeing the book being expressed in different ways.’

‘Excellent presentation by the children. It contained information about the importance of trees. I enjoyed the rotation and interaction. I know a great deal of effort, planning and care had been put in by staff and pupils alike. Enjoyable. Well done to all.’

‘A fantastic afternoon!! Loved the short bursts of dance, quiz, art cooking and reading. We both really enjoyed it…wouldn’t change anything. Thank you.’




Trees are an animals’ habitat

Well done Year 2HS for creating this 5 word slogan in response to your learning. You realised how important trees are for animals and your dance –choreographed beautifully by Miss Savage- shared this to an impressed audience.  We learnt together how an acorn seed grew shoots and roots and how over many years, this sapling became the mighty beast.

‘The Oak Tree’ a poem by Tony Peek, was an opportunity to initially add an action as we attempted to recite it off by heart. The line ‘I hear its branches filled with birds, when summer times begun,’ inspired the idea for your artwork. Your striking flock of birds combined drawing and making skills. Your peacock feather drawings in pencil crayons, oil pastels, watercolour and collage provided the textures and shapes for the feathers.

Peacock feathers


Flock of birds

Our Friday Celebration coincided with ‘Take Over Day’. Special thanks MUST go to the dozen KS2 pupils who were Miss Savage, Mrs Johnston, Mrs Walker and Mrs Stott. As the feedback forms share, your introductions, explanations, questions and congratulations regarding the dance were definitely appreciated by the interested adults and your support during the afternoon certainly helped all the workshops run smoothly.

The following comments give a glimpse to all that was seen and experienced:

“I’ve absolutely loved the afternoon, the interaction has been amazing. Would love to have longer than just the afternoon…”

“A good variety of artwork and time to develop it.”

 “Involving the older children in the presentation was fantastic! The nature theme was a good topic to show the importance of climate change etc. Great that parents are able to become involved in children’s work and join in the workshops. very fun, interactive and enjoyable.”

“The session in the hall was brill. It was nice to move around the different rooms to see activities.”

“I am very impressed with everything I have seen today-particularly all the art work! The children have obviously enjoyed it and it shows how important Art is and it deserves more time in school.”

“An excellent interactive afternoon…thank you so much!”


“When it’s my birthday, I’m going to ask my mum to bring me here.”

Last Tuesday, pupils across school enjoyed and interacted with ‘The Illustrated World of Nick Sharratt’ at Leeds Central Library, as well as experiencing and appreciating the artwork next door at Leeds Art Gallery.

Thanks to John-one of our school governors-KS2’s day was captured on camera. I know the art gallery wondered what had hit them as excited pupils entered its doors and interacted with paintings, installations, prints and sculptures.

Hopefully, venturing into an art gallery will not be a one off but now a requirement when they visit a city wherever they are in the world! One pupil mesmerized by the art she saw shared: “When it’s my birthday, I’m going to ask my mum to bring me here.”

KS1 loved the day too. To see our young people pausing in front of a piece of art and commenting, smiling, dancing or pulling a face in response to what they saw definitely put a smile on my face.


Ripping, shredding, tearing …cut!

Well who would have thought that Dr Seuss’ ‘The Lorax’ would result in graphic notation? Perhaps it was the realisation that paper came from trees that inspired our paper making and subsequently became the theme for 1ED’s dance.

Perhaps it was working with Miss Edwards and speaking with Mrs Stott. Their passion for music, rhythm and percussion certainly came into play. Either way, we have been listening to sounds, playing percussion instruments and painting our own graphic notations onto a BIG collaborative painting.

We inked up our press prints too and added them to our masterpiece!

Huge thanks must go to Ramtin in Year 4 and Mr Moore, who rose to the challenge of creating the music for 1ED’s dance using the software ‘Garage Band’. They recorded our voices to insert onto the track that they believed would work. It was time consuming and required much thinking but work it did. THANK YOU. Well done Evie for playing the drum in the dance so we knew when to start to ‘press, press, press, press, down!’

As a class, 1ED loved the book ‘The Lorax’. The illustrations, nonsense words as well as the story itself. Inspired by the description of the old Once-lers Lerkim, we made our own in groups using Lego. We also baked crumbles with Mrs Walker using fruit-not from Truffula trees!

Thank you interested adults, parents and Lubaya-one of ACE’s art ambassadors-who managed to attend Friday’s arts celebration. The children love to share their learning with you and as the feedback shows the feeling is mutual!

“The music drawing-Edward just told me ‘graphic notation’ was very impressive for Y1 children. This and Christingle are my favourite ACE events.”

“I loved everything this afternoon. I loved Adrianna’s work. So glad I came.”

“Very useful information for everyone. Felt good to see the artwork of the children. Really enjoyed.”

“Wonderful to see what they’ve been doing and learning. Very proud.”

I do take on board your suggestions and hopefully the dance will be performed again towards the end of the afternoon too so that parents unable to attend at 1:30pm have the opportunity to do so at 2:45pm!

Leaves are the food factory

THANK YOU 2HM for immersing yourselves in your arts fortnight. ‘The Lorax’ by Dr Seuss, combined with the beauty of the autumn leaves encouraged us to look in greater detail at leaves. Together we discovered what an integral part they have in making the food for the tree and in exploring this we encountered photosynthesis!

Your dance shared how the sunshine, water and carbon dioxide were mixed together to provide the glucose for the tree and the oxygen for us! Thank you for working collaboratively to capture this process. You are the first class to incorporate material!

Collage was definitely a new medium for most of us and our first attempts did see tears as we grappled with the how and the why. However, as our individual collages show, you did learn the skills of ripping, tearing, coiling, plaiting and layering. Together with your observational drawings and paintings your final pieces did look stunning. Well done for creating a block print too.

How wonderful to receive an oak tree from the old Once-ler. Your letters must have showed him the importance of trees in keeping our world healthy and therefore his gift and message to you is one I hope you will remember:

‘Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.’ The Lorax-Dr Seuss

THANK YOU parents and interested adults for taking time out of your busy week to share in 2HM’s learning. THANK YOU for:

  • being the audience in the hall as they performed their ‘Photosynthesis’ dance
  • reading ‘The Lorax’ in their classroom
  • measuring leaves and recording the length in the library
  • baking apple turnovers-in the space of fifteen minutes-in the cafe!
  • appreciating their artwork and having a go at plaiting and printing in the studio

Here are just two of the lovely comments from parents/interested adults:

‘I really love these events. The excitement from the children when they get to show us their work and being able to involve their adults is priceless. Children enjoying their learning-FAB!’

What an amazing afternoon-innovative and interesting ways of learning, great to tackle a difficult topic in such a creative way. We have thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience…’


Giuseppe Penone inspires at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

On Wednesday, thirteen pupils from Allerton CE primary met with eight graphic design students from Leeds Beckett University at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. It was the first workshop of the ‘Barking Up The Wrong Tree’ project and blessed with a beautiful autumnal day we were certainly able to appreciate the outdoor gallery and create.

Inspiration came via Giuseppe Penone sculptures and exhibition, the beautiful trees in the park as well as our imaginations. The purpose was to build relationships and generate ideas for the project. Here is a glimpse of what we got up to:

The old Once-ler replies…

Well once again, Dr Seuss’ book ‘The Lorax’ inspired Y2HL’s Arts fortnight.

Over the fortnight we certainly began to grasp how important trees are to all living things. Shi-Ying shared that trees helped to prevent flooding; Rory knew that trees gave us oxygen and together we discovered how trees captured carbon dioxide. Our letters to the old Once-ler definitely communicated how cross we were about him chopping down all the Truffula Trees and the damage his actions caused to the environment. His reply to each and every one of 2HL acknowledged the importance of planting trees to replace those we chop down and the importance of us caring.

Our observational drawings of leaves inspired our plasticine creations and our final clay ‘Truffula Tree’ leaves. From wool we made pom poms to represent the tuft of these colourful trees while our prints captured trunk and tuft!


Sycamore seeds and horse chestnut seeds inspired the dance. Well done Y2 for working collaboratively to create your conker shapes and tree! I was particularly impressed with the ‘lift’ Mia’s group managed to incorporate. You now know how important team is in dance as well as perseverance-how many times did we rehearse the initial cross/windmill?!


Once again, Mrs Walker worked with the class and baked apple or plum crumble-the fruit was from our own orchard. I wonder what unit of measure was used in making sure there was the right amount. In measuring the circumference of the trees outside in the school grounds and the height of objects in the studio centimetres were used. Miss Lucas was impressed with how teams worked together in order to work out the measurements.

Thank you to the all the interested adults, who managed to squeeze in time in their busy day to attend all or part of the celebration on Friday. We are so glad you had ‘a great insight into their learning for the last two weeks.’











Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.-The Lorax

Dr Seuss’ book ‘The Lorax’ certainly inspired our learning together. Thank you 3ES for working as scientists, mathematicians, artists, dancers, chefs and authors over the fortnight.  Together we:

  •         explored and identified some of the trees in our school grounds
  •         measured the circumference of tree trunks and the length of leaves


  •         created 5 word slogans to capture what we now appreciated about trees
  •         effectively used felt tips, wax crayons and acrylic paint to create                              collaborative mixed media leaf artwork


  •         shared the impact of deforestation through dance
  •         baked scrumptious apple crumbles
  •        built our own Lerkim’s
  •         wrote letters to the old Once-ler suggesting solutions so that the                             Bar-ba-Loots, Swomee Swans and Humming-Fish could once again live                 in the glorious place where the Truffula Trees grow
  •        transformed the art studio from a blank canvas to a celebration of your                   learning

Thank you parents, carers and interested adults for sharing in 3ES’s Arts Celebration-you were an appreciative audience as we shared our dance TWICE! It was wonderful to see the conversations and smiles as you engaged in the measuring, reading, baking and art activities alongside your child. Thank you for coming, your encouragement and appreciative comments.  ‘The Lorax’ books are on order for the next class. Hopefully the story will capture more year groups over the coming year.