The Cracked Pot

Thank you 2SB for immersing yourselves in  ‘The Cracked Pot’- a beautiful story from India. Through role play, oral story telling and dance you learnt the story off by heart and then created your own version of ‘The Cracked Pot’ using the story sentence openers!

The photographs in the gallery below share some of the art processes you were exploring as well as the celebration of learning shared on Friday afternoon with parents and other interested adults!

Here are just some of the written comments from the celebration of ‘What was really liked’:

“The way the children were able to tell/interpret a story but not just by oral and written means. The children really showed how immersed they were in the whole performance/project.”

“-watching the children perform and how well they worked in their small groups; their storytelling; the classroom where all their work was displayed was inviting and inspiring. The children obviously loved showing the adults their work.” Nekoh’s Grandma

“The freedom offered to the children to express themselves…Being invited to take part in an afternoon is such fun and really helps in appreciating what the children do.”

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