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Welcome to the Art Blog of Allerton CE Primary School, Here we will be showcasing some of the amazing art work that our children produce.

If you would like to see work done in previous years you can visit the archives by going to Home on the menu.

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It’s the Final Countdown…

From the outset, 5S were using their imaginations to create a creature/alien that inhabited their planets. Their drawing was then made into a clay sculpture. Coils, thumb pots, creating limbs, wings, heads and tails 5S were initially made using modelling clay and from just one lump pull out their creatures. We then moved onto the medium clay.

‘Sketching with clay’ had its challenges as sculpting is not an everyday activity. However, 5S remembered the importance of applying the hatching and slip to attach/ join clay. Their creatures emerged from the clay, with textures applied by drawing into the clay with tools or making an impression with another object onto the clay to suggest scales etc. They were then left to air dry.

So that the details-so impressively etched/mark made onto their creatures was not obliterated by applying acrylic paint- a sponge was used to bring their creatures to life. A thin brush dipped in the paint helped to add shade and accentuate features.

5S also dabbled in printmaking during their time in the studio. Collagraph was the printmaking method used to create textures and layers to a cardboard ‘plate’. To play and explore was actively encouraged as they created, inked, added and inked again. Masking tape, tin foil, string, bubble wrap, ribbon, corrugated card and more were used to build up their plates-a glue gun used to ensure the materials remained on the plate. The results were impressive.

5S then used this method to portray the ‘skin’ of their imaginary creature.  They created two final prints. One print was used to capture their creature by drawing around their template of it, cutting it out and finally gluing onto paper. Its habitat was drawn with parents/interested adults during 5S’ art celebration. The other was exhibited in the studio along with the collagraph to be framed at home!

Thank you to all the parents and interested adults that attended 5S’ arts celebration. You were definitely an appreciative audience and embraced the carousel activities with your child. Conversations throughout the afternoon shared how much 5S had enjoyed their time in the art and dance studios and how much you valued our holistic approach to their learning. Prior to the fire alarm, two parents managed to give their written feedback!

Thank you for organising this afternoon, which was amazing. Good to see what the kids have done. Look forward to any future events of this type.’

‘I enjoyed the show most. Great arrangement. Everything is good. Very nice to see their study.’

Earth and beyond…

Jackson Pollock’s ‘Galaxy’ inspired our own splashy, drippy, messy paintings. Like him, we were action painting. Within the brushstrokes, dribbles and splats can you spot constellations, planets and moons? Apologies for the paint on clothing and footwear, as our aprons did not protect against the splattering of paint. However, as the photographs show we did have fun.

With Mrs Girt, 5C created their imaginary planets-big enough to have enough gravity to force a spherical shape. These pastel drawings were referenced when painting their Modroc planet.

The studio looked like Narnia at one point during the fortnight, as the plaster from the Modroc went everywhere! The process involved:

  • dunking a strip of Modroc into some tepid water
  • removing the gauze strip from the water and running fingers down the strip to remove the excess liquid
  • applying the strip to cover an area of the balloon
  • overlapping layers by 20-30mm

We then left the ‘planets’ to dry, before painting them with acrylic and ready mixed paints.

What was the landscape like on our imaginary planets? What creatures inhabited it? This is where 5C drew upon their imaginations. Their settings were created using card, papers and a variety of drawing materials; creatures, inspired from sketchbook work, emerged from modelling clay.

Having an open heart, a resilient spirit and taking responsible steps were all needed by 5C during their time in the art studio. Effort and determination were necessary because art is a process, takes time and after reflection may require us to go again.

Thank you to all the parents and interested adults who were able to attend Friday’s celebration. 5C certainly appreciated having an audience for their dance performance and loved having that special someone to share in their learning. Below are photographs of the art studio, morph making and results as well as the feedback.

‘It’s always great to have an opportunity to see the children’s artwork and to work together during these sessions. They are always fun to join.’

‘The children really enjoyed the art part.’

‘It was lovely to be shown by Isabelle what she has done rather than just hearing from the teachers.’

‘The celebration was lovely to finally see what they have been doing after hearing all about it at home!’

‘It was great to be back in school and to see the children’s excitement. Fabulous collaboration and feels like a celebration. Good to see everyone interacting together.’

‘Absolutely brilliant. Great to see such a range of art and performance and lovely to get involved too.’

‘So wonderful to see the art that the children do. Adriana talked so much on how she enjoyed her time at the art studio. It’s wonderful.’

‘Very good. Enjoyed the making of Morph!’

‘Everything was amazing. Thank you.’

‘We enjoyed seeing all the kids work. It was good to have sessions interactive.’

This is me

Unpredictable yet exciting is how I would summarise print-making with 4C. Together, we had a go at:     

  • monoprinting-a single print taken from a design created in printing ink on a smooth surface
  • relief printing/plasticine printing-where protruding surface faces of the printing plate (polystyrene tile and plasticine) were inked leaving the recessed areas ink free.

The results were varied but provided the paper for our collage self-portraits. Joshua’s design I could see as wallpaper- a wonderful repeated print that he inked up brilliantly.

We placed our faces on a patterned background that we had painted using acrylics. Our colour choice was decided by selecting a colour that represented how we felt and then its complementary colour. This is where some of us demonstrated our competence with a paintbrush as well as our skill in creating tints and shades.

We then used letters from newspaper headlines to create words and phrases that shared our personality. The results were fantastic!

The ‘gallery walk’ in the art studio on Friday with our parents and or interested adults saw 4C sharing their sketchbook work as well as explaining how they created their collage self-portraits.

Sketching of each other was the activity-some wonderful portraits were created along with much laughter. Thank you 4C for a truly wonderful fortnight. The comments below certainly capture your hard work, commitment and perseverance!

‘Another fabulous arts celebration! It’s great to see what the children have been doing, and I love that the focus has been away from traditional learning during the arts fortnight. I think it’s so important for the children to have this time away from the classrooms to explore the arts.’

‘A great afternoon-I liked the mix of things we were shown in relation to the children’s learning.’

‘It has been amazing! Everyone was fantastic! Staff and kids put a lot of work/effort and it is really appreciated. It’s been a lovely afternoon and THANK YOU SO MUCH!’

‘Thank you Year 4. Absolutely blown away with ‘This is me’. I really enjoyed the dancing and singing. Very impressed with library, classroom and art studio.’

‘Thank you for a lovely afternoon. It has been very interesting seeing the different work the children have done. My wife and I particularly enjoyed the ply and the singing-it was very harmonious for 9 year olds!’

‘Thank you so much for all your hard work. The dance was amazing. I was full of emotion watching the whole class. The library, classroom and art studio are all so inspiring.’

‘I had a wonderful and interactive afternoon joining in and participating with the children.’

Free To Be Me…

Being brave, being true to ourselves and standing up for what we know is right was the teaching and learning that happened in the classroom, dance studio and art studio this fortnight.

In the art studio, collage, paint, clay, drawing and more collage were the mediums used to convey this message.

Through collage- the technique in which pieces of paper, photographs, fabric and other ephemera are arranged and stuck down onto a supporting surface- the activists David Attenborough, Rosa Parks, Marcus Rashford, Martin Luther King and Greta Thunberg were celebrated. Layering of tissue paper, the coiling of paper and the arrangement of selected words to represent their chosen activist created impactful creations.

Creating tints and shades from the pure colour that reflected them on the day, was the skill 4H then practised. (White was added to create the tints, a dab of black to make the shades.)

Next, 4H created self-portraits using clay. I was so impressed to see how they took a lump of clay, bashed the air bubbles out of it and then began to shape their face and add their facial features. In order to join pieces of clay together, cross hatching and slip was applied. Once air dry their face was painted in the tints and shades of the colour that represented them that day. The hair-added later-had to be the complementary colour.   

A 5 minute portrait of their friend in marker pen, provided the pose and photograph for the final piece. Being a felt tip, there was no rubbing out. Each mark mattered. The results were impressive.

Collage was the medium that 4H used for their final piece. This time, they were the ‘activist’.     

Thank you to the parents and interested adults who made time out of their busy Friday, to join their child for the arts celebration. The following comments give a little insight to the ‘joy’ of what took place:

‘We love being able to come into school to see what the kids have been up to. It’s fabulous to see the passion of the teacher and school staff and to see the kids working together. Thanks for giving us this opportunity.’

‘It was lovely to share the kids enthusiasm for this fortnight and see all the amazing work they’ve been doing.’

‘Thank you! so much for having us! It was a lovely afternoon. Shrutika felt so happy. It was so wonderful to see what she has been doing in school in this half-term. Dance performnce was awesome-kudos to teachers.’

‘It was a really lovely afternoon 🙂 The teachers have clearly worked so hard and the kids loved every minute.’

‘Thank you so much to let Skyler and us have such a wonderful experience. The drawing was so funny. We haven’t thought to draw at home. It inspired us to play this with our daughters at home.’

‘Great afternoon. Lovely to watch the children showcase their work. Thank you.’

‘Lovely afternoon with so much wonderful work from all the children. The performance was brilliant, the children have worked so hard. All thanks to all staff involved, for us to enjoy this afternoon and take part.’

‘Thank you for a lovely afternoon-we love to have the chance to come and share in Henry’s learning and to see what he is doing. Loved the dance and also the chance to visit the class. Thank you!’

‘Really enjoyed the dancing, the kids worked really hard. Doing the portrait of each other was great fun.’

‘Great coordination and timing in the dance moves as a group.’

Life Doesn’t Frighten Me …

What a privilege it has been to support in delivering the ‘art’ within the ‘arts’ of 4SH’s eight days Arts ‘Fortnight’! Dance, song, poetry, art in the style of Jean-Michel Basquiat , a story and a rap have all contributed to their initial exploration of identity.

Maya Angelou’s defiant poem ‘Life Doesn’t Frighten Me’ celebrates the courage within each of us and is illustrated by Jean-Michel Basquiat. In ‘having a go’ in painting in his style, we discovered how by layering colour and blending colour using acrylic paints and pastels we too could create a background for a silhouetted figure to stand strong against. We noticed that the figure often had a ‘chalked’ rib-cage and bones with features also exaggerated using white.

This technique, we then adopted to create our own paintings on cardboard. The colour palette this time captured the colours associated with our interpretation of the emotion fear.

The figure represented our stance when encountering this emotion. Drawing each other’s ‘fear’ poses helped us to think shape and which features or body parts needed accentuating.

Further exploration in our sketch books provided the reference we needed when committing the silhouette to our paintings.  

Finally, we chalk penned the lines of our Kennings onto our art. Courageous creativity happened before our eyes. Well done 4SH.

4SH’s performance on Friday was truly special. A huge thank you to parents and interested adults who gave up their time to be the audience for the performance and share in the workshops with their young person. The following feedback shares how precious the afternoon was:

Absolutely amazing! You are all so talented, and it was a moving performance. Thank you to all the teachers, such a fantastic topic to express in various ways.

Amazing teamwork, singing and dancing. Boy, that rap was good!

Absolutely fantastic. Whole day was very enjoyable.’

‘Loved watching Logan perform and seeing all his lovely work. A lovely school.’

‘Really good interactive afternoon. Brilliant watching the children and their talents.’

‘I really liked the layout of the library. I had a great time exploring the hunt with my daughter.

‘A wonderful afternoon-the children’s enthusiasm was simply infectious-I think this speaks volumes!! Thank you all so much.’

‘Absolutely great. Loved seeing Kirsten in school. Great day.’

‘What a wonderful afternoon we have had. All of the performances were fantastic and even made me emotional. It was wonderful to see the classroom and also the library. It was also great to have to use my brain. Well done Lola and 4SH!’

‘Fantastic, very proud of the achievement. Well put together in 3 groups.’

‘Really excellent. We are so impressed with the afternoon.’

‘Such a lovely dance and such a lovely teacher Mrs Housam is. Enjoyed every bit of today’s performance.’

‘Loved watching the class dance and listening to the poem! Excellent piano Mrs Housam! Great hunt in the library and classroom and art studio 10/10! Thank you.’

‘Really enjoyed today! Nice seeing what the children have been learning!

‘What an absolutely amazing art fortnight. I was blown away by all the students! Mrs Housam is truly an inspiring teacher and I am always amazed with the effort the school gives to it’s students!’

‘I enjoyed everything with Amelia. Everything was great.’

Batik and Bridges

Our first week together, looked at the weather. And both the weavings and batik drew on our designs inspired by symbols of the weather forecast.  Snow was white; blues and emerald, lightning black skies and flashes of orange and sunshine rays of reds, oranges and yellows. The wool and dye showcased their designs beautifully.

 2H used hot wax to ‘paint’ on their designs. This is the barrier that prevents the dye from bleeding and or spreading where it is not wanted. I was so impressed with the children’s focus and look forward to completing batiks with those children who have yet to have a go.

Meanwhile, Miss Patchett was choreographing a dance where bridges featured-inspired and brilliantly executed by 2H at Friday’s celebration. As one parent commented, ‘The performance was fantastic!’

In the studio, we explored building bridges using mobile, Lego, ‘K’Nex’ and bricks. We understood the need for our bridges to be sturdy and stable. However knowing this and creating them was definitely a challenge.

 As architects, we drew up our blue prints and then as engineers followed them. The results were fantastic. Each team managed to work collaboratively to produce some imaginative yet sturdy bridges. They ranged from a simple ‘beam bridge’ to a ‘railroad bridge’/’Truss bridge’-where the triangle shape was used repeatedly on the deck.   There was also an attempt at a ‘Suspension bridge’ with thick cables stretched from one side to the other supported by tall towers and held down tightly with anchors.

Dowling, lollipop sticks, cardboard and corrugated card was used creatively. Each group was required to use a saw to cut the dowling and a glue gun to attach the materials together. Once again, there was incredible focus and only a few dollops of burn soother applied. 

It was wonderful to share our learning with parents and interested adults as well as have an audience for the performance. Thank you for giving up your Friday afternoons. The feedback was also really encouraging as the following comments share:

‘Brilliant as always! Interactive, fun, educational and engaging-it never ever disappoints. The staff are superb  and the children clearly thrive on the multifaceted ways of learning.’

We really enjoyed the weaving and the quiz. Mason loved building bridges.’

‘Lovely to see what the children have been up to, and to share in their lovely library.’

‘All the activities are really good. Very good effort by the teaching staff. We would be doing the same activities at home for Christmas.’

‘It was lovely to come and join the kids with this great activities. Looking forward to see more of this kind of sharing.’

‘I really enjoyed seeing Dennis’ work alongside his peers, speaking to the teachers and watching the dance-how well they used teamwork! So proud and such a lovely environment.’

‘Thank you for a lovely afternoon. We have enjoyed seeing what Olivia has been up to and the work she has been creating in both the art studio and the classroom. We particularly enjoyed all the children’s dancing to the ‘Bollywood’ style! Thanks to all involved.

I found this afternoon very interesting. I loved every bit. Also the dance was amazing.’

Kolkata City of Joy

What a joy it has been to share in 2D’s learning during this past fortnight. One of the highlights was the collaborative Kolkata Skyline.

Presented with A2 sugar paper and a pencil, 2D were encouraged to draw one of the ‘tourist’ buildings within this busy city. If you look closely you may spot the Victoria Memorial, Indian Museum or the General Post office. Other buildings include towering apartments, a Radio Station and Medical Hospital. It was a challenge to draw big, yet as the outlines share, we were successful!

Balconies, pillars, turrets, dome roofs and steps were details that stood out once we outlined them in the colours of the Indian flag- orange, white, green and blue. We then used hatching and cross hatching to show shade and add depth. Finally, we cut out our large, impressive buildings and began to assemble the skyline.

Taxis and trams, cars and buses were then added to the cityscape. This time pen was used. Again hatching and cross hatching was added to the transport.

We compared Kolkata’s climate with that of our city Leeds. Whilst we have experienced heavy rain and a few sunny intervals, Kolkata’s 28 degrees Celsius has resulted in a haze. The designs for our batiks were inspired by the weather. From heavy snow to strong winds, heavy rain to sunshine, we incorporated the symbols to our imaginative designs.

Carefully, 2D used hot wax to ‘paint’ on our designs. This is the barrier that prevents the dye from bleeding and or spreading where it is not wanted. I was so impressed to return from the ‘Harry Potter Trip’ and walk into the studio where an array of batiks lay.

2D’s weavings also shared the colours of the weather. Along with ’loom’, they were introduced to the vocabulary of ‘warp’, ‘weft’ and ‘yarn/wool’. A needle was used to take the wool under and over the warp. We learnt that we threaded the wool through the ‘eye’ of the needle. To grasp the skill of weaving, ribbons and lengths of felt and lace were pulled under and over across the metal ‘warp’.

To grasp India’s Monsoon season, Miss Patchitt choreographed a dance with 2D. I personally loved how they portrayed the strong wind-very dramatic! This performance was enjoyed by the parents/interested adults of 2D, who were an appreciative audience at Friday’s art celebration.

As the photographs in the art studio show, 2D’s artwork was appreciated as was spending time creating together.

Thank you to the parents, grandma’s, aunties and three of our Year 6 role models for taking the time out of your day to share in 2D’s learning journey. Your feedback was truly wonderful to read and now share!

‘I enjoyed seeing the artwork and how the children dance. A very inclusive afternoon. Very informative.’

‘It was lovely to be back in the school and see what the children have been doing in their arts fortnight. It looks like they had lots of fun in their learning. Matthew was very excited and keen to share it with us.’

‘It’s a very good opportunity to know more about the school life of the kids. The dance show is fantastic. Well done to all the kids. Good show!’

‘It was an amazing afternoon. It’s nice to spend time with my kid (drawing and painting). Thank you for this great opportunity!’

‘Really enjoyed the Indian themed dance. The coordination and team effort was exceptional. Also, the quiz was definitely a tester…’

‘It was lovely to see how much the children enjoy doing their work. The library and art department are amazing and making a paper mini-me took me back to my childhood!’

‘Leaving work early to come and see amazing dancing and to colour and draw with Gryff-smashing!!’

‘We did enjoy the quiz in the library. Art studio amazing. We had a great time.’

‘I enjoyed the whole afternoon. It was lovely to see all the different things that Ava has been learning.’

‘Well organised. Lots of effort for the art celebration preparation. Kudos to entire team!! Excellent, we want to see more of these each term, each year.’

‘I really enjoyed visiting Isaac’s class and to see his art works in the art studio.’

”We really enjoyed today, especially the Bollywood dancing. Amazing effort by all the children.’

‘I have enjoyed the art celebration. All the kids did so well with the dance.’


Over the past fortnight in the art studio, 2B have been looking at the seasons and weather in the United Kingdom and India. We learnt that the United Kingdom has four seasons and India has SIX! Miss Patchett worked with 2B in order to create a dance to represent this, with the children contributing to the choreography.

Pre-Winter and Monsoon are the additional two seasons in India. Observational drawings of umbrellas were sketched in pencil crayon to represent the monsoon season-lots and lots of heavy rainfall.

2B produced four impressive collaborative collages of Leeds city centre during the United Kingdom’s four seasons of Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer. If you look carefully, you might be able to spot some human features such as the John Lewis shopping centre, the Corn Exchange and the Town Hall.

Together we looked at how symbols are used to show the different types of weather experienced. This is when we were introduced to the weather ‘sleet’ and understood the term ‘intervals’ when used with sunny. Each child then created their own symbols. These designs were then made into batik. Batik requires a steady hand and lots of concentration because hot wax and dye is used. The results were fabulous.

Referencing the colours of their weather, 2B then put their hand to weaving on a cardboard loom. Along with ’loom’, they were introduced to the vocabulary of ‘warp’, ‘weft’ and ‘yarn/wool’. A needle was used to take the wool under and over the warp. We learnt that we threaded the wool through the ‘eye’ of the needle. Some of 2B used a closed slot weave (created a box or square within their weaving) and had a go at creating a ‘rya’ or a tassel.

In an atlas, rainfall is depicted by blues and temperature by reds. This is when we discovered that India is wetter and warmer than the United Kingdom. We recorded this in our paintings. In order to make a range of blues and reds, we had to make tints and shades. This we did by adding white to make the tint and black to make the shade.  

Thank you to the parents, grandparents, big sisters, interested adults and role models who joined in 2B’s arts celebration.

The following feedback was truly lovely:

‘The Indian dance was fantastic! The children looked to be really enjoying themselves and were very proud to show their work to their adults.’

‘We have had a brilliant afternoon looking at 2B’s work. It was all super impressive to watch and see.’

‘It was a lovely afternoon. I loved it.’

‘Very well put together. Appreciate the effort.’

‘A lovely afternoon seeing all the things that Matthew has been coming home and talking about. He has really enjoyed his tie in the art studio. The role models were amazing too!’

‘Thank you for inviting us! We had a great time seeing all the hard work Ethan has done as well as wiggling his hips during the dancing!’

‘The lessons were very engaging. Children seem to enjoy their learning!’

‘I really enjoyed this afternoon. The kids get so excited to show off what they have been learning and creating.’

‘We really enjoyed seeing their individual work, and the children showing their own work and talking about it. Also liked being shown around by the role models-they’re great. Also really good that we were given plenty of notice so we could make sure we had time off work.’

‘An unforgettable day. Thanks.’

‘Deer Clan’ impress

Dear Deer Clan,

Over the past fortnight, you have impressively shared your knowledge of the three periods within the Stone Age. This was captured powerfully through drama at Friday’s celebration.

Your cave paintings showed how hunting, cooking and homes developed during this time. Because of this, you owned the artwork and could share what the symbols represented to your interested adults.

During the fortnight, I was impressed with your collaborative skills-especially in the making of your masks. Who knew that a face mask, plant pot, wire, card, masking tape and acrylic paint could produce a herd of impressive stag heads? Thank you for persevering in the process.

Your ‘coiled’ clay pots introduced you to new vocabulary such as the heel of your hand, scoring and hatching, slip and coil. Once again, you impressed in following instructions as the bespoke pots show. With your parents, you shared your knowledge and skill and wowed me with your plasticine creations!

Thank you for embracing the different learning opportunities during the fortnight.

Thank you,

Mrs J

P.S Here is some of the fabulous feedback from Friday’s celebration:

‘It was truly educational for me. It was so amazing to learn about the Stone Age. Great effort from the teachers in teaching kids so much in an easy and understandable way.’

This afternoon has been amazing! Keep up this high standard please.

‘Really enjoyable and informative afternoon. It was lovely to not only see the artworks, but take part in creating them. Really well organised.’

‘Thank you for a great time with our children. It is so nice to see what they have done. The pieces of art are just amazing-very creative!’

‘Very enjoyable and lovely to see how enthusiastic and knowledgeable the children are.’

‘Today was the best day with my child. I am so happy and I enjoyed being with my son.’

‘Really enjoyed today and seeing Harvey’s work. Really liked doing the pottery class with him. Thank you.’

‘Very interactive and great to see what the kids are learning, and how they apply this.’

Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic inspires the ‘Cave Lions’

Along with shelter building, bread making and bespoke jewellery creations with Mr Arnett, 3A experienced pottery, gestural drawing, Mono-printing and cave art.

After bashing the air out of their ball of clay, the Cave Lions took a piece of their clay, rolled it into a ball and then pressing down with the heel of their hand flattened it into a circle. This became the base of their pot. To make their coils, they took another small amount from their ball of clay and rolled it into a long cylinder (sausage).

After scoring/hatching the coil, they then gently wound it around the base. In order to create an even surface, the coils were blended together inside and outside. Using their clay tool, lines were etched onto the clay surface for decoration. During the next few days, the children saw how their malleable material changed to a ceramic material as it dried. Their clay pots were impressive.

Colourful gestural drawings of grapes, blackberries and apples-foraged fruits found in the school grounds- was made with lots of quick movements using coloured marker, oil pastel, pencil crayon and watercolour. They saw how the fine lines of hatching and cross hatching gave an effect of shade.

In their Mono-printmaking, Cave Lion paw prints inspired. After inking up their acrylic boards, cotton buds were used to mark make onto the board. Numerous paw prints was the result from this one off printmaking technique.

In a torch lit art studio, Year 3A explored simple expressive mark making using charcoal (made from the burning of wood). They traced around their hands onto sugar paper and then discovered how their charcoal markings could be smudged as well as layered with white chalk, how an eraser could bring light to their marks as well as how to make a palette of charcoal by rubbing charcoal on the paper until the surface becomes dark black and covered in charcoal dust. Their fingers then became the drawing tool to make new marks around the negative space hand prints

. After scrunching up a new piece of sugar paper, these techniques were then used by the Cave Lions to create their own cave art which they wallpapered the interior of a cardboard box with.

In addition to the above, 3A also designed and created tabards from newspaper and then hessian- not animal skin! Initially, a small mannequin and newspaper was presented to each trio. They then used this design to make a newspaper pattern for a child. This was then made into a hessian garment. Running stitch was the stitch used to join the hessian pieces together. The results were inspired, with each tabard unique, and demonstrating collaboration and sewing skills.

Once again, Friday afternoon was a celebration of 3A’s learning. It was wonderful to see the Cave Lions share what they had been up to with their parent(s) and or interested adult.

A huge thank you goes to Miss Whiteley and Mrs Howard who managed to bake rolls within their allocated 20 minute slot as well as host a quiz. In addition, our ACE Role Models lived up to their name as they chaperoned each group from one activity to another. Here are just some of the lovely comments shared on the feedback forms:

Thank you so much! What a fantastic afternoon! It’s brilliant to see all the children’s artwork and enthusiasm.

‘An amazing presentation for the work done in detail. Excellent work.’

‘The art celebration assembly was great! It is wonderful that this time is given to the children. It is also great that as a parent we can share in this as well. Thank you. ‘

‘I really enjoyed being taken around and seeing all the fun things the students have been part of. The 3 different sessions were fun and insightful.

‘Awesome artwork, really enjoyed joining in with making the tools in the outside classroom and making bread.’

‘It was fantastic to get to see all the wonderful artwork I’ve been hearing about for the last two weeks!’

‘It’s always great to learn or re-learn facts!! Never too old. Thank you.’

A very well organised event. I had a great time experiencing Stone Age activities.’