Land of Fire and Ice

Once again, I have learnt so much! This time thanks to 3LT-one of the kindest and responsive group of pupils I have ever had the privilege to work with. Their prior learning of ‘Lemminkainen’ supported by the storyteller Matthew Bellwood, provided the hook for our arts fortnight and introduced me to a new story with spells, darkness and thankfully a happy ending. It also provided a scaffold for our own quests. The dance incorporated elements of this traditional Nordic myth, with Iceland’s dramatic land of fire and ice inspiring the art.

Our ice and fire pictures that captured the patterns, shapes and colours found in this landscape, inspired the sewing onto the tie dye aurora borealis.

I was so impressed with the progress made in sewing by 3LT. By the end of the week, all could competently do a running stitch and some had progressed onto a back stitch. Sequins and beads were incorporated and by adding stuffing to our shapes we created a relief. We discovered that pins were useful to hold our chosen material in place and that the embroidery hoop kept our needlework firmly in place.

The dance performed on the Friday was certainly impressive. From exploding geysers to erupting volcanoes, tranquil forests to mesmerising aurora borealis, 3LT were able to convey through their bodies this wonderful landscape. Perhaps their modelling of these landscapes using plasticine had helped in some way!

I loved how the drama simply shared how one arrow slayed our hero, but a mother’s song could sew him back together again. The cannon for the sewing up of our hero- Lemminkainen- was inspired!  

Keep being creative over the next few months and do share your creations. Hopefully the video below captures some of the learning over the arts fortnight.

One thought on “Land of Fire and Ice

  1. I absolutely loved reading this and seeing the art work you created. It is always a pleasure to work with you but to hear Mrs Johnston felt the same way was wonderful. What a fantastic end result 3LT! I’m so proud of you,

    Mrs Turney

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