Double, double toil and trouble…

Our learning this fortnight in the studio, hall and school grounds encouraged:

  • dramatic battle scenes
  • percussion accompaniments to Act 1 Scene 3 and a confidence to perform
  • an opportunity through dance and movement to capture the emotion and intensity of Macbeth the warrior as well as the influence of the witches on his life-thank you Miss Allison for your wonderful choreography yet again!
  • the accurate weighing of ingredients for shortbread
  • the discovery of and use of new vocabulary found in the narrative stories of Macbeth
  • creativity in the making of witch Modroc masks and an exploration of mark making
  • observational drawings of objects for spells burnt in a fire pit

Year 5RA, your enthusiasm, team work and hard work over the past two weeks was certainly celebrated with your parents and other interested adults on Friday. You overcame various challenges in your learning from that of confidence and embarrassment in performing, wrestling with new vocabulary to enhance your writing, knowing the number of grams in a kilogram as well as exploring and using new art materials to create. You should be very proud!

Thank you to Y5RA parents who took the time out of their busy day to join in this celebration of learning. Hopefully, the opportunity to see, experience and chat through your child’s work was beneficial and enjoyable for you too.

Here are just some of the lovely comments from the afternoon:

“The children were really confident and enthusiastic. It’s amazing how they remember their lines and routine.”

“The art work was amazing! I really liked the dance and the way the children worked together. Well done!”

“The dance was fantastic. I really enjoyed seeing what the children have been doing and learning. The biscuits were tasty too.”

“The incorporation of learning retention with performance is great (artistic performance).Great for active children as well as those with literacy skills.”



One thought on “Double, double toil and trouble…

  1. I really enjoyed doing this exciting yet challenging project. It has been an amazing experience and I am sure everyone else agrees

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