Alternative D’Arts experienced by 5RA

Drawing and Risograph, Photograms and Stop Motion, Storytelling and Haikus were all experienced by 5RA in three intense yet enjoyable workshops this Tuesday at Leeds Beckett Graphic Art and Design department. To get a glimpse of some of their creations, the students have kindly shared some of the photographs that captured the learning throughout the day on the link below. DART 27022018

It was a relief to see that the lockers had travelled with 5RA too- thanks to Tetley coaches! Now they are just waiting  for the students to work their creativity on them.

Next Friday will see the students working with Y5RA at Allerton CE, as they support them to create their own lockers from shoe boxes.


One thought on “Alternative D’Arts experienced by 5RA

  1. The part that I most enjoyed was when we were doing a haiku and the story telling because it made my imagination grow .

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