The old Once-ler replies…

Well once again, Dr Seuss’ book ‘The Lorax’ inspired Y2HL’s Arts fortnight.

Over the fortnight we certainly began to grasp how important trees are to all living things. Shi-Ying shared that trees helped to prevent flooding; Rory knew that trees gave us oxygen and together we discovered how trees captured carbon dioxide. Our letters to the old Once-ler definitely communicated how cross we were about him chopping down all the Truffula Trees and the damage his actions caused to the environment. His reply to each and every one of 2HL acknowledged the importance of planting trees to replace those we chop down and the importance of us caring.

Our observational drawings of leaves inspired our plasticine creations and our final clay ‘Truffula Tree’ leaves. From wool we made pom poms to represent the tuft of these colourful trees while our prints captured trunk and tuft!


Sycamore seeds and horse chestnut seeds inspired the dance. Well done Y2 for working collaboratively to create your conker shapes and tree! I was particularly impressed with the ‘lift’ Mia’s group managed to incorporate. You now know how important team is in dance as well as perseverance-how many times did we rehearse the initial cross/windmill?!


Once again, Mrs Walker worked with the class and baked apple or plum crumble-the fruit was from our own orchard. I wonder what unit of measure was used in making sure there was the right amount. In measuring the circumference of the trees outside in the school grounds and the height of objects in the studio centimetres were used. Miss Lucas was impressed with how teams worked together in order to work out the measurements.

Thank you to the all the interested adults, who managed to squeeze in time in their busy day to attend all or part of the celebration on Friday. We are so glad you had ‘a great insight into their learning for the last two weeks.’











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