We are the voice for the trees…

After a year of working on ‘The Lorax’ in the art studio, there is definitely an appreciation for trees at Allerton CE Primary. Together, we have discovered that they are the superheroes for our environment and ‘unless we care then nothing is going to get better.’

The daily dedication of ‘The Forest Man’ -who over the past forty years has single handedly, planted a forest-inspired 5RA that we can make a difference. Succinct and powerful they certainly conveyed why trees are essential for all living things in their 5 word slogans.

Colourful prints, sewing, sequins, buttons and Pom Poms created Truffula Tree art. Perseverance was definitely required when:

  • threading the eye of a needle
  • sewing (running stitch)
  • wrapping wool around card templates for Pom Poms!


Learning to follow and listen to instruction as well as collaborate, were the main ingredients for 5RA’s dance and baking sessions. Like all good learning journeys 5RA were definitely in the pit during their arts fortnight, but as Friday’s celebration shared their challenges were overcome-the performance was AMAZING!

Thank you to the parents who were able to make the celebration and share in the learning of 5RA. Below are some smiling faces and lovely comments that capture Friday afternoon.

‘The dance was wonderful! I’m so impressed with the whole class. The artwork was fantastic and the statements on trees were powerful. Thank you all!’

‘As usual, a totally amazing afternoon and so fantastic to see all the different work that Year 5 have created-thank you teachers.’

‘I absolutely enjoyed learning with the kids and it was an amazing experience as always. Thank you.’

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