Celebration of learning captured on camera

This fortnight it was the story ‘The Spider Weaver’ that inspired the artwork, dance and writing as well as the spider web buns. 

Thank you to John Sherbourne-one of our school governors- who gave up his Friday afternoon to capture 2ES’ Arts Celebration. His photographs beautifully captured the dance performance as well as the smiles and conversations of the carousel of activities. Below is a taster of our wonderful afternoon.

Thank you to parents, interested adults, members of the nurture team and Mrs Stott, for providing an audience for the dance performance. It is always a treat to see how Mrs Lynch choreographs a piece that incorporates pupils’ ideas, improvisation as well as her own routine. Spiders and webs were definitely portrayed.

Celebrating the art created over the fortnight and sharing some of the skills developed always brings a smile to faces. Well done 2ES for your beautiful webs, fabric printing and weaving. The studio endeavours to share the learning and the hooks that inspired.

 Below is some of the lovely feedback from parents, grandparents and interested adults:

‘We had a wonderful afternoon, it’s lovely to see everything the kids have been doing at school, it’s especially lovely that we get to take part in activities with them too. I enjoyed it all. I got out of my comfort zone with the dancing but it was really enjoyable! Tom loved showing me his work too, thanks for laying the afternoon on.’

‘I enjoyed watching the different groups dancing then how they all came together at the end. It’s nice to see the children’s individual work. I like watching the video of the children creating their art. I learnt a lot about spiders!’

‘We enjoyed doing the different activities together. It is so amazing to see the huge enthusiasm the children have for their work.’

‘Dance was fantastic and very complex. Good idea to split into smaller groups-breathing space! Lovely cakes! Fantastic art!’

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