Marvellous Me

What a privilege it has been to work with Reception over the past few weeks. We have discovered so much about these wonderful individuals who have so much to share about themselves and the special people in their lives as well as their interests and likes. Their special box was the vehicle that opened up who they are to their class and teachers.

Inspired by the artist and educator Anna Linch’s Self-portraiture photography, the Reception team decided to set up a space, where each child could decide on their own poses in front of a white sheet and carefully consider the placement of their objects. Hopefully you agree that their self-portrait represented who they are as a person and how unique and fantastic each child is.  

In addition, each child has drawn their own self-portrait in black felt tip. As you can see, a mirror enabled them to look at their splendid selves. Their mark making/drawings shared how they saw themselves, their preferred hand to draw with as well as their schema development.

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