‘In a clump of trees on the edge of a park …’

A visit to the local park inspired our own park paintings.

With big gestural movements, the paint was applied with a thick paintbrush so that our background was created. We made sure that the sky met the ground.

Once dry, we created our own playgrounds. There were slides and swings, cargo nets and see-saws as well as roundabouts, sandpits and even tree houses. Using felt tips, pastels, pencil crayon and oil pastel the details were added.

If you look closely you may also see squirrels and crows and a very hungry badger. These animals featured in Gareth Edwards’ book ‘The Disgusting Sandwich’.

In groups, we created paper playground reliefs. These showcased the skills of scrunching, tearing, rolling, cutting, wrapping and curling sugar paper and then carefully gluing our creations in place.

Delicious sandwiches were designed by 1DT. The fillings ranged from cheese and salad to skittles, blueberries and chocolate. Corrugated card, newspaper, masking tape and hot glue were the materials used to create bagels, baguettes, croissants and sandwiches. Drawing around slices of stale bread provided the template. The skill of manipulating, cutting and gluing the materials together required patience.

After painting their thick slices of bread, the fillings were added.

Then, miniature sandwiches were made using plasticine. I was so impressed with the attention to detail.

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