In groups, 2H worked collaboratively on drawing Leeds over the years. Using a variety of drawing materials they started by illustrating the River Aire, then the surrounding fields and built up their pictures so that factories, markets, Leeds Minster, Leeds Bridge, important streets such as Briggate and Boar Lane as well as more and more and more housing was depicted. Their focus was wonderful to see and their final pieces impressive.

Our fine motor skills were definitely tested when cutting out the letters of important historical Leeds landmarks. During Friday’s celebration, the stippling technique was used with the stencils. The results were great.

During the fortnight, 2H drew inspiration from John Atkinson Grimshaw’s painting of ‘Boar Lane.’ We noticed the Victorian Lamp posts, arched window with lots of panes of glass, as well as the tobacco sign and cobbled streets. We looked at his use of colour- mostly warm colours- and learnt that he liked to paint nocturnal urban landscapes.

Using clay, we then created slabs with some of these features added. We now know that to attach pieces of clay to the slab, we need to cross hatch and add slip (clay and water.) We also saw how clay changes from being cold, soft, sticky and malleable to hard and fragile once dry. We then mixed our own mixed warm colours to resemble those of John Atkinson Grimshaw’s.

Once again, the dance choreographed by Miss Patchett was performed brilliantly on the day (three times!) The class worked so hard and once again demonstrated good collaboration and skill. The sports important to Leeds were celebrated- rugby and football- as well as netball.

Thank you to the parents and interested adults of 2H who were able to attend Friday’s celebration. Your presence, participation and time was really appreciated. The children love an audience and delight in sharing their successes and challenges in their learning with you. Your comments were truly precious!

We had such a lovely time today. Was so nice to come and see the classroom, library and art studio. Thank you to all of you for all your effort. Was nice to interact with everybody. The performance by kids was amazing! I’m so proud. Lovely school. Thank you.’

’Lovely to see the dance in the hall. Very well choreographed and fab to see the pupils smiling. As ever, the art studio is a pleasure to see in action- such a brilliant facility. You’ve really nailed the city of Leeds theme. I’ve even learnt a few new things. Thanks for organising a lovely afternoon. Well done all staff and pupils, as always we’ve felt very welcome.(Millie’s mum)

’It was lovely to see all the work the children have done. I really liked the clay arched window. The dance was brilliant all three times!’

’I have really enjoyed the Arts showcase today. I can tell a lot of work has gone into this fortnight and my daughter has really enjoyed it. Watching them perform their dance and then participating with them create some art was lovely. I am grateful for the opportunity- thank you. I would not change anything! Given a chance, I think my daughter would prefer to do this twice a year or more! Thanks once again.’ (Amy Taylor. )

‘Thank you Mrs Johnston. Luca loves art class and his time in here with you. It’s fantastic to see the great work you do in here with him.’

’Thank you for all the work you do with Felicity Rose. She loves art. Thank you for a brilliant afternoon.’

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