Unique personalities

In the studio, we explored our uniqueness through really looking at ourselves in creating our self portraits and then applying the ‘rules’ to create a collage version of our wonderful selves.

It was important that we really looked at ourselves. Therefore on our iPads we took a selfie! We used this photograph for continued reference. Throughout we worked lightly. 4C discovered their eyes are halfway down their face, the ear starts around where their eyes are and finish in line with the nostrils. Lips end where the iris in the eye is. Eyebrows lead into the nose. We then added our hair.

Once confident in proportions we moved from sugar paper to cartridge paper. This was to have a go at adding skin tones using watercolour. The results are so impressive and showcase 4C’s skill in building up and blocking in the many tints and tones of their face and hair colour.

To create the collage element of their other self portrait, 4C enjoyed monoprinting, collograph printing and press printing. The results were unpredictable and impressive!

In order to capture the outline of our head and hair for the collage portraits, we placed a piece of paper over our watercolour self-portrait and traced. This outline was then transferred onto card by pressing heavily over the traced ‘head’ and creating an imprint. We then went over this with pencil. The ‘paper’ we then cut to create templates.

The next stage was imaginative, creative and fun. 4C created themselves by placing their hair/face templates over their prints, drawing around the template and then cutting out. Once happy with the position, the pieces were glued down.

Using acrylics, 4C then painted their backgrounds. It was important that a thin brush with a steady hand was used to outline the ‘portraits’.

Once the backgrounds were painted, lettering from newspapers and magazines were found and cut out to make the words and phrases that captured themselves and their personality.
This required patience. 4C then had to consider how to arrange the lettering so that it worked as a composition.

The results are impressive, colourful and showcase their printmaking.Miss Cuthill created her own collage self-portrait. What words and phrases describe her personality?

It was a privilege to share 4C’s creativity with parents and interested adults at Friday’s Art Celebration. There was drama, song, dance and an opportunity to walk the studio and have a go at press printing.

In response to the questions ‘What have you enjoyed most about Arts Fortnight?What have you learnt about yourself? What are you proud of? pupils in 4C shared…

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