A picture can say a thousand words…


This week, twenty two UKS2 pupils participated in a photography session led by John Sherbourne- one of our school governors. ‘The rule of 3’, reflections, line and composition etc.which were shared by John were then put into practice on an exciting trip to Stratford Upon Avon. Using disposable cameras,the challenge was to record the day through just 26 photographs. Bold and strong compositions of the sights of Stratford, the afternoon at the Mechanical Art and Design Museum as well as the inspired technological and creative production of ‘The Tempest’ were taken by the students.

Reflecting on the exercise, we all agreed that digital photography was easier. However the anticipation and apprehension felt in opening the envelope containing the developed photographs taken on the disposable cameras was exciting!

Here are just a few of the students comments about the trip:

‘A unique experience, as I doubt I will ever do something like that again with school or in the exact same order.’

‘Amazing technology brought ‘The Tempest’ to life.’

‘The museum was fantastic because you could make your own marble run.’

Please drop in to the art studio to see the pictures taken of the day and read the reports written by ACE’s ‘Junior Journalists’. 

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