Control + Concentration = Successful Lino Print

Over their ‘Arts’ fortnights, both Year 6 classes have been introduced to lino printing. Initial drawings were transferred onto lino and then carefully carved with cutters to create Arctic/Antarctic inspired designs. Cutting away from hands was the most important rule and although there was a splattering of blood, on the whole this rule was adhered to! Carving the design did require control and concentration. However, once inked up the sense of achievement in producing a recognisable print often resulted in spontaneous applause.

Through dance, Year 6 explored the Arctic and Antarctic theme. Both performances cleverly captured the prey and the predator, the awe and the wonder of the Poles, with collaboration and cooperation essential in the choreography. 6MJ had the opportunity to work alongside our new dance coach Miss Allison and her expertise was welcomed.


The successes and challenges of the fortnights were shared with interested adults. Below are some of the comments written in response to Friday’s celebration:

“I liked everything!!! The dance was amazing. The art studio fab. I’ve seen so much happiness on the kids’ faces!! Good to know Hanna is looked after so well.”            Hanna’s dad

“The freedom and access to teachers, and the work that the children have done made it very welcoming and easy to understand what the children had been doing.”                         Anton Hamilton

“The dance production was fantastic! The children have obviously worked very hard. It is lovely to see them working so well together.”                                                                          Isobel’s mum

“The performance was very good. Proud to see such quality in the written and lino (art) work. Well done.”                                                                                                                      Harneeka’s dad

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