Ice Palace Captivates

“I really liked the dance, the reading, the artwork and lovely pictures. Everything related to ‘Ice Palace’ and it was excellent.” Areena’s mum

“The effort we put into our dance to make it special.” Niamh (Y3 DC)

“Niamh’s descriptive writing and diverse vocabulary.” Niamh’s dad

“I loved the dancing. I loved the Rocky Road-better than Costa Coffee!! Well done to all the teachers and Mrs Johnston. Excellent work. I really enjoyed today.” Stathis’ mum



What a whirlwind of a month. Creativity, imagination, performance and teamwork have all been drawn upon in Year 3 during their ‘Arts fortnight’ and the results have been fabulous.

Energy and exuberance, the challenges of working as a team and retaining a difficult routine as well as conquering fear of failing are the testimonials from the dance. Thank you Miss Allison for believing in us and choreographing a dance where being team mattered. The music and dance brought a smile to everyone’s faces.

Observational drawing, painting and drawing were the challenges in the art sessions. However, in listening, daring to have a go, really concentrating and a willingness to go again, the end products showed imagination, exploration, energy and colour. As a cohort, we appreciated the need to really focus and take pride in our creations.  The art studio looks wonderful at the moment as their art brings colour, life and beauty to the room.

In addition, acting out the story and creating our own worlds through small world resources, wonderful descriptions were written. We learnt the importance of listening to feedback, using our learning environment and word mats for spelling as well as understanding why carefully reading back our sentences encourages us to take ownership of our writes. Well done Year 3 for being responsive and understanding why self-regulation matters.


One thought on “Ice Palace Captivates

  1. What an amazing project, it all sounds so exciting and your art work is brilliant. Just wish l had been given opportunities like this when l was at school. Well done to you all.

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