Miriam Laville inspires

Last week, Alexia and Leo had the opportunity to work alongside Miriam Laville-a local artist. Their artwork from the day (created at Highfield Primary) comprised of a mixed media piece of work inspired by an observational drawing, as well as their own pastel flower drawing on canvas.

Leo’s mixed media

Alexia’s mixed media

Excited by the day, Alexia independently wrote the following:

I really do wish that I could rewind the day! On Friday 2nd February, me and Leo got the chance to work with a local artist: Miriam Laville, at Highfield Primary. 

Having the opportunity to work with a local artist is incredible! We experimented with collages, charcoal, and even soft pastels. Miriam taught us how to really express our observational drawings.

Here are some of the photographs from the day. It was lovely to hear that both ‘Leo and Alexia were very enthusiastic and polite!’

Alexia’s pastel work

Leo’s pastel piece                                                            

3 thoughts on “Miriam Laville inspires

  1. I think that all the things Alexia told me makes me so happy for her. When she told me she did pastels I wished I could be there with her and Leo. -Nyiema.

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