‘It is not easy to admit when you are being bullied…’


The animated book ‘Angel Boy’ has inspired the dance and drama, writes and art work as well as the baking over the past fortnight for Y6SK.

Once again, the Friday celebration provided the stage and an audience for what was a ‘powerful and emotive’ dance performance on the theme of bullying. Well done Amir for portraying Angel Boy and Y6SK for trusting each other implicitly as you incorporated the lifts and a staircase choreographed by Miss Allison into the routine. Miss Allison shared after the performance that she had loved watching you grow into dancers.

Bird feathers, owls, winged creatures and angels were the hooks for the independent and collaborative pieces of art. This work was celebrated and admired in the art studio on Friday and as one interested adult shared: ‘I loved all the colourful artwork and the different techniques used.’

Drama based on the story as well as the transcripts provided the genres of diary and advertisement. Hopefully, you will have greater independence in your editing from now on as you show the attributes of perseverance and resilience. Keep being gritty! A special well done to Megan, Gurleen and Amir for displaying both of these, as well as demonstrating creativity and enthusiasm in your learning too.

Here are some more of the comments shared on Friday afternoon:

‘I loved the whole thing. The dance was amazing and matched the story perfectly. The art work was great and Dom’s writing was lovely.’

‘Everyone put in lots of effort to make it look brilliant. It’s good that the learning will help them to deal with bullying if it happens to them in real life-I hope it doesn’t. The art studio was amazing.’

‘What I really liked was how enthusiastic Megan has been throughout this topic. She has really enjoyed it and has been so involved.’

‘I really loved the performance and the effort all of the children put into it. I think they did the topic justice.’

‘I really liked the art work and the dance. Also the work Gurleen has produced has impressed me. Thank you to everyone involved.’

14 thoughts on “‘It is not easy to admit when you are being bullied…’

  1. Dear Mrs Johnston,
    Thank you so much for helping us in the art studio and for helping us with the astonishing Angel boy.
    I really enjoyed the art and the writing that we did especially the art because since I was in year3 I really liked art so thank you very much.

  2. My favourite bit of the dance was with the angels and picking them up.It was little bit hard but in the end it got easier.

  3. Dear Mrs Johnston, thanks for the great time at the art studio! Angel boy was great to learn about and the drama was amazing. Learning how to draw feathers and wings was my favourite part.

  4. Dear Mrs Johnston
    In the last fortnight I have had a lot of fun but the best part is trying and you taught me a lot about grit and to never give up. My drawing and painting skills have got a lot better than what they were now. I thank you because I have learnt a lot more than what I expected.

  5. Dear Mrs Johnston,
    In the past fortnight I really enjoyed doing everything.
    I especially enjoyed drama and art because it helped by giving me more skill about the thing I was learning about. Altogether I enjoyed everything.

  6. I had an amazing time in the art studio, we made a dance to go with the story and some music that we picked out. The dance included a cannon, stairs, lifts and a chase. In English, we learned new ways to punctuate our sentences and we wrote a diary of Angel Boy’s experience on the bus. In Art, we made something like stained glass only with a see through plastic sheet. First we did a sketch of feathers and got into groups and drew it bigger on a large sheet of paper and traced it on the plastic sheet and went over in lead and finally painted it in glass paint.

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