Leaves are the food factory

THANK YOU 2HM for immersing yourselves in your arts fortnight. ‘The Lorax’ by Dr Seuss, combined with the beauty of the autumn leaves encouraged us to look in greater detail at leaves. Together we discovered what an integral part they have in making the food for the tree and in exploring this we encountered photosynthesis!

Your dance shared how the sunshine, water and carbon dioxide were mixed together to provide the glucose for the tree and the oxygen for us! Thank you for working collaboratively to capture this process. You are the first class to incorporate material!

Collage was definitely a new medium for most of us and our first attempts did see tears as we grappled with the how and the why. However, as our individual collages show, you did learn the skills of ripping, tearing, coiling, plaiting and layering. Together with your observational drawings and paintings your final pieces did look stunning. Well done for creating a block print too.

How wonderful to receive an oak tree from the old Once-ler. Your letters must have showed him the importance of trees in keeping our world healthy and therefore his gift and message to you is one I hope you will remember:

‘Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.’ The Lorax-Dr Seuss

THANK YOU parents and interested adults for taking time out of your busy week to share in 2HM’s learning. THANK YOU for:

  • being the audience in the hall as they performed their ‘Photosynthesis’ dance
  • reading ‘The Lorax’ in their classroom
  • measuring leaves and recording the length in the library
  • baking apple turnovers-in the space of fifteen minutes-in the cafe!
  • appreciating their artwork and having a go at plaiting and printing in the studio

Here are just two of the lovely comments from parents/interested adults:

‘I really love these events. The excitement from the children when they get to show us their work and being able to involve their adults is priceless. Children enjoying their learning-FAB!’

What an amazing afternoon-innovative and interesting ways of learning, great to tackle a difficult topic in such a creative way. We have thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience…’


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