Ripping, shredding, tearing …cut!

Well who would have thought that Dr Seuss’ ‘The Lorax’ would result in graphic notation? Perhaps it was the realisation that paper came from trees that inspired our paper making and subsequently became the theme for 1ED’s dance.

Perhaps it was working with Miss Edwards and speaking with Mrs Stott. Their passion for music, rhythm and percussion certainly came into play. Either way, we have been listening to sounds, playing percussion instruments and painting our own graphic notations onto a BIG collaborative painting.

We inked up our press prints too and added them to our masterpiece!

Huge thanks must go to Ramtin in Year 4 and Mr Moore, who rose to the challenge of creating the music for 1ED’s dance using the software ‘Garage Band’. They recorded our voices to insert onto the track that they believed would work. It was time consuming and required much thinking but work it did. THANK YOU. Well done Evie for playing the drum in the dance so we knew when to start to ‘press, press, press, press, down!’

As a class, 1ED loved the book ‘The Lorax’. The illustrations, nonsense words as well as the story itself. Inspired by the description of the old Once-lers Lerkim, we made our own in groups using Lego. We also baked crumbles with Mrs Walker using fruit-not from Truffula trees!

Thank you interested adults, parents and Lubaya-one of ACE’s art ambassadors-who managed to attend Friday’s arts celebration. The children love to share their learning with you and as the feedback shows the feeling is mutual!

“The music drawing-Edward just told me ‘graphic notation’ was very impressive for Y1 children. This and Christingle are my favourite ACE events.”

“I loved everything this afternoon. I loved Adrianna’s work. So glad I came.”

“Very useful information for everyone. Felt good to see the artwork of the children. Really enjoyed.”

“Wonderful to see what they’ve been doing and learning. Very proud.”

I do take on board your suggestions and hopefully the dance will be performed again towards the end of the afternoon too so that parents unable to attend at 1:30pm have the opportunity to do so at 2:45pm!

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