Trees are an animals’ habitat

Well done Year 2HS for creating this 5 word slogan in response to your learning. You realised how important trees are for animals and your dance –choreographed beautifully by Miss Savage- shared this to an impressed audience.  We learnt together how an acorn seed grew shoots and roots and how over many years, this sapling became the mighty beast.

‘The Oak Tree’ a poem by Tony Peek, was an opportunity to initially add an action as we attempted to recite it off by heart. The line ‘I hear its branches filled with birds, when summer times begun,’ inspired the idea for your artwork. Your striking flock of birds combined drawing and making skills. Your peacock feather drawings in pencil crayons, oil pastels, watercolour and collage provided the textures and shapes for the feathers.

Peacock feathers


Flock of birds

Our Friday Celebration coincided with ‘Take Over Day’. Special thanks MUST go to the dozen KS2 pupils who were Miss Savage, Mrs Johnston, Mrs Walker and Mrs Stott. As the feedback forms share, your introductions, explanations, questions and congratulations regarding the dance were definitely appreciated by the interested adults and your support during the afternoon certainly helped all the workshops run smoothly.

The following comments give a glimpse to all that was seen and experienced:

“I’ve absolutely loved the afternoon, the interaction has been amazing. Would love to have longer than just the afternoon…”

“A good variety of artwork and time to develop it.”

 “Involving the older children in the presentation was fantastic! The nature theme was a good topic to show the importance of climate change etc. Great that parents are able to become involved in children’s work and join in the workshops. very fun, interactive and enjoyable.”

“The session in the hall was brill. It was nice to move around the different rooms to see activities.”

“I am very impressed with everything I have seen today-particularly all the art work! The children have obviously enjoyed it and it shows how important Art is and it deserves more time in school.”

“An excellent interactive afternoon…thank you so much!”


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