Our ‘glorious’ places…

Dr Seuss’ book ‘The Lorax’ again provided the hook for the art. However, the bare trees of Winter in our school grounds, contrasted with the colourful ‘Truffula Trees’.

Because of this, seasons were discussed. 1RC are now familiar with the parts of the tree –roots, trunk, bark, branches, twigs, buds, blossom, leaves-and have a growing understanding of a trees importance in keeping our world healthy.  Creating our own trees from plasticine reinforced this vocabulary as well as encouraging fine motor skills in the sculpting.

This learning meant we understood why the ‘Once-ler’s’ actions had consequences. Through small world-lego and wooden blocks-the children reflected the story in their creations. When the factory was ‘biggered and biggered and biggered’ the groups joined together to create a polluted setting where animals could no longer live.

Settings of the ‘glorious’ place were made using small world and then painted. In our paintings we demonstrated

  • skill in mixing colours-especially secondary as well as a brown
  • ability to create a background
  • understanding of when to use a thick or thin brush
  • excellent compositions!


These settings were then used as the backdrop for the group animations. Thank you to Mr Cosgrove for piecing the clips and sound together. The paintings were beautiful and brought colour and smiles to the art studio.

The dance, choreographed by Mrs Lynch had Robins, Sparrows, Blue-tits, Owls and Woodpeckers swooping, flying, busily building nests, chirping and eating.


Moments of stillness as well as their own simple yet effective bird stories brought a smile to Friday’s celebration as 1RC relished their final performance. Thank you -parents and grandparents -for being an appreciative audience. The workshops that followed appeared to give those that attended a taste of what we had been up to over the fortnight. Here are some of the lovely comments and photographs that captured the sharing of 1RC’s Arts fortnight.

It’s been a lovely afternoon. I liked the way we got to take part in different activities as well as seeing their work. The work they have done in the Art Studio is fantastic. It’s a great opportunity that they get to work in here in blocks. Tom has loved working in here very much and was super proud to show me his work. Thank you.

We had lots of fun! We enjoyed all the activities! Great job Year 1RC.’

‘Everything was amazing. Art amazing. So proud of Scarlett and grateful for the teachers’ hard work and their support for Scarlett. I enjoyed dancing and making things. Just amazing!’

‘I really enjoyed that we were split into groups. It made it less hectic and more enjoyable as well as easier to enjoy 1:1 time with my child. I enjoyed seeing the book being expressed in different ways.’

‘Excellent presentation by the children. It contained information about the importance of trees. I enjoyed the rotation and interaction. I know a great deal of effort, planning and care had been put in by staff and pupils alike. Enjoyable. Well done to all.’

‘A fantastic afternoon!! Loved the short bursts of dance, quiz, art cooking and reading. We both really enjoyed it…wouldn’t change anything. Thank you.’




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