We’re going on a tree hunt…

Going on a tree hunt is how Reception started their Arts Fortnight. Amazingly, every hunt was a ‘beautiful day’ and we were not scared! As a result, we discovered the giant weeping Willow, tall elegant Silver Birches and the orchard where our fruit trees grow. RTE witnessed the blossom of the apple trees, RKF saw the eyes of the Silver Birch and RKM were impressed by the giant Weeping Willow.

Creating our own trees from corrugated card, ink through a straw and large bricks was fun as well as challenging:

‘The Lorax’ by Dr Seuss is the book that all of Allerton CE Primary are using as an inspiration for their Arts Fortnight. In noticing, wondering and thinking, we all became familiar with the first page of this book. Reading the beginning, acting out the beginning as well as watching the beginning of the animation definitely shared how desolate ‘The far end of town’ was.

Surprisingly, this dismal setting was once glorious with mile after mile of Truffula Tree. Brown Bar-ba-loots happily played in the shade of the Truffula Trees; Swamee Swans sang, swam and flew in this glorious place and Humming fish splashed in the ‘rippulous’ pond. This glorious place inspired our artwork. Well done Reception for mixing the colours required for your background of sky and grass as well as the secondary colours needed for those Truffula Trees.

Thank you Mrs Lynch for the collaborative dance with RTE and RKF…Swamee Swans definitely flew in this glorious place and the Humming fish starred in RKM’s dance!

I personally loved the Brown-Bar-ba-loots…



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