1CC’s own glorious settings and creatures…

From sheer abandonment in dance as big movements captured the joy of early spring with its delicate pink blossom, waving daffodils and dangling catkins, to the need for fine motor skills in creating puppets for our glorious settings created in paint, Year 1CC certainly immersed themselves in their Arts Fortnight.

The Weeping Willow, Silver Birches and Apple trees inspired our poetry, riddles and dance, and Dr Seuss’ ‘The Lorax’ for our own nonsense creatures, puppets, paintings and stories. Working with plasticine and cardboard, inspired the creation of sculptures and through drama, our stories were brought to life. Thank you Year 1CC for being tough tortoises and reflective hens, although the process was sometimes difficult you persevered and went again.

Thank you for all the parents and interested adults who gave up their afternoon to share in 1CC’s learning. Dancing with Mrs Lynch as part of the carousel of activities certainly raised heartbeats! There was definite calm in the art studio, deliciousness in the café –thank you Mrs Walker- as well as lots of reading of storyboards, stories and riddles in the classroom. Here are some of the lovely comments about the afternoon:

‘Absolutely wonderful. It’s great to see what the children get up to as we only hear bits and pieces at home. Also loved the opportunity to work with the children (despite initial reservations!) and was really good for us to do what the children have been doing with them. Many thanks for all the hard work!’ Charlotte’s mums

‘As always it is really lovely to learn about Germanas’ learning. He was so proud to show his story and his puppet. I really enjoyed the cooking and book time and the dance maybe not as much! Thank you for a very nice and busy work celebration.’ Germanas’ mum

‘The whole afternoon was really fun, and I had a really lovely time with Ivy. She really enjoyed showing me her work that she’s worked hard on over the last couple of weeks. Great idea.’ Ivy’s mum

‘We really enjoyed the afternoon especially joining in/viewing the dancing and the amazing paintings in the art studio. Great to see the storyboards the children had done and to spend some time reading them. Well done for all the hard work teachers!’

‘Very creative. Amazing paintings by the kids. The best thing was the dance!’


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