The calm before the storm…

What a fortnight of learning we have had in the art studio. Never Eat Shredded Wheat as well as Naughty Elephants Squirt Water was the mnemonics for sharing the points on the compass. Well done 2HL for using this knowledge to find clues about Captain James Cook in and around school.

His desire to explore the world, took him on many expeditions across the oceans. As a result, much of our art attempted to capture the calm and often stormy waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Our paintings shared our colour mixing skills, included our own drawings of ‘The Endeavour’ as well wrapping material, magazine and wool of the ocean colours to create a colour wrap.

Tie dye encouraged us to use our fine motor skills as we pinched and wrapped, twisted and tied cotton with elastic bands.  A subtle pattern was the result on to which we printed our inked string shell reliefs.

Sewing was a great hit with 2HL. Running stitch and even cross stitch successfully sewn onto binca. Sequins added the shimmer and glisten of the waters.

To understand the meaning of vocabulary, drama and percussion was used, material wafted and freeze frames created. These words and phrases supported our letters to Elizabeth Cook.

Well done 2HL for a wonderful performance on Friday. Hopefully you enjoyed sharing your learning with your interested adult. They certainly did as the comments below testify!

“A really enjoyable afternoon packed full of a lot of great interactive activities. Really enjoyed the dancing and the cafe.”

“Enjoyed the whole afternoon with different things. The children are learning detailed work, how to incorporate into dance and early art and craft, learning to stitch work.”

“I enjoyed the celebration and joining in with what they have learnt.”

“Amazing work by 2HL. They all have worked really well. Some really good art work and writing, and the dancing was brilliant. Well done.”

“Leah has really enjoyed her two weeks in the art studio. She has been very excited each day telling me about her day.”

“Very good learning experience. It was good to see the many steps taken to achieve a learning objective.”

“Great to be able to see the work that has been done first hand and to be able to take part ourselves.”

“It was great to see their work and dance. Lewan has told me every thing about Captain Cook so I think they learnt very well. Thank you.”

“I have found it to be a very interesting experience, it has brought learning to life.”

“Lovely to see what the class have been learning about. Really enjoyed seeing creative methods they have used to explore this topic!”

“Think the methods used were fun and exciting. I think Amari has really enjoyed it. Better to see them all having fun and learning at same time.”

“Mason’s journey was really fun and exciting. He’s enjoyed drawing and dancing with his friends. I’m so proud of him.”

“I have really enjoyed the Arts celebration afternoon. I think it is a wonderful way of involving parents.”

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