”Bless you.”

“Bless you.”

“For what?” I asked the dark.


This excerpt is from ‘The Harmonica’, a poignant story inspired by the life of a Holocaust survivor. Beauty amidst ugliness was a concept that 6KH wrestled with as we read about the horror that took place in the concentration camps. Our learning coincided with ‘Holocaust Memorial Day’. Because of this, on Friday afternoon the café became a place of conversation and sharing as ‘Shabbat’ was explained with the lighting of a candle, a simple blessing and the eating of bread.

Our colourful prints and collaborative paintings were inspired by Schubert’s music- a composer loved by the Jewish family and the commandant in the story. Our music appreciation resulted in colours, shapes and line that captured our interpretation of the piece. 

Thank you 6KH for literally immersing yourself in the arts- for the first time at Allerton CE, there was an art and dance collaboration with paint!

Below are some of the comments shared after 6KH’s Art Celebration:

”Love that the children have the opportunity to take time to appreciate art, music, dance and understanding and expressing emotions.”

”It was really good to see how my kid has learned the art. She really enjoyed the time and kept talking about this at home.”

”It was very enjoyable. Watching my grandson do things other than his tablet was great. Well done to all the children and adults taking part.” Mrs S Gardner

”Seeing children so happy and proud to show off their work. It was good to be a part of it.”

”Really enjoyed my afternoon with 6KH. The dance was amazing and the work in the art studio very creative. I wasn’t expecting to dance, but it was a lot of fun!”

”I enjoyed watching the performance and it was worth coming.”

”Really enjoyed today. The children are so proud of their work. Many thanks.”

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