I am who I’m meant to be…

Over the fortnight, 4SM discovered more about themselves. Knowing and accepting ourselves is a continuous learning journey of discovery as we actively participate in our class, school, community and world.  Through dance and song, words and paint we all began to share who we are with others. There was laughter, surprise and tears…

Miss Mason let us into her life by sharing who she is through photographs and talk. Previous pupils also gave us insight to who they were and what and who had impacted their lives so far through their ‘I am’ poems. These in turn supported us in writing our own ‘I am’ pieces.  

The lyrics from ‘This is Me’, written by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, were discussed in small groups and connections made. We acknowledged the power of words to encourage and build up as well as to hurt and put down. Mrs Lynch choreographed a powerful section within the dance performance to illustrate the struggles we face but how in finding an inner strength and through the encouragement and support from others we can ‘bravely march on.’ Hopefully all 4SM have a greater understanding and appreciation for the uniqueness of each other and themselves and our responsibility to be a generation that is ultimately kind.

I loved the self-portraits 4SM created. iPads certainly supported us in making us really look at our faces, notice all the tones in our skin colour and understand where our features (especially eyes and ears) are positioned! The words and pictures chosen to share with others who they are was so powerful.

Thank you 4SM for embracing your arts fortnight. As the following comments from parents and interested adults share, your performance and art certainly impacted.

‘This two weeks have had a massive impact on Sophie. To believe in herself and love her for who she is. Thank you.’ Sophies’ mum

‘I am especially impressed about how my daughter is getting exposed to the world of art, colours, thoughts and imaginations. Lovely to see her experiment with colours and pencils. Just hope she does it as one of her passions.’ Mehuli’s dad

‘The dancing was fantastic, as was the art work. I really enjoyed the whole afternoon.’

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