‘…the milk-white stag could give you wishes if you caught him.’

Our masks, fur texture, treasure hunt and dance brought our ‘Stag’ understanding to life.

What a privilege it has been to work with Year 3A and Miss Allison. The ‘Arts Fortnight’ has returned once again to Allerton CE Primary, and it has been good!

The art studio has witnessed collaborative mask making-impressive cutting skills and strength was required in cutting through the cardboard- with antlers and features created. In addition, there has been independent mark making to create the texture of soft fur as well as the imaginative responses of mythical creatures and places found beyond the wardrobe…

Our mythical creature drawings became the head, body or legs for our ‘House Sculpture‘. Voting nominated which body part would be used from existing drawings. The results are fabulous.

I loved seeing 3A’s mythical creatures come to life as texture and setting was added to their individual paintings. The paint colours required Year 3 to draw upon their knowledge and understanding of which primary colours made secondary colours and how tints and tones of a colour could be made.

A few of 3A’s remarkable creatures…

Finally, we created our own meaningful wish art. Some very thoughtful wishes were made. Can you put words to their drawings?

Thank you to all the parents who gave up their afternoon to share in their child’s learning and be the welcome audience for the impressive Stag dance. It was wonderful to see you face to face (behind the mask.)

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