‘…wild Red Dwarfs feasting and treasure-seeking…’

What a whirlwind of a fortnight it has been with Year 3LA and Mr Arnett. There has been weighing and baking, writing recipes for Trumpkin who needed to make a sandwich for a fussy Red Dwarf and the Witch Witch, as well as creating crowns and applying tint and tone knowledge to paintings.

Such a variety of reds

Over the past fortnight, the art studio has welcomed 3LA’s imaginative responses in drawing, making, painting and constructing. Their mixing of red tints and tones created a palette of ‘reds’ and then by using a thick or thin brush lines, swirls, dashes and patterns emerged on the paper. Everyone successfully managed to follow the instructions.

Their knowledge of how to make a variety of reds- adding white for a tint and black for a tone- was then applied to their painting of a red dwarf. Charcoal, pastel, oil pastel, felt tip, pencil crayon and wax crayon then made the background for their dwarf. As a result, there was mining, treasure seeking, feasting and battles depicted.

3LA demonstrated their ingenuity in constructing their own crowns. There was such a variety. Who knew that card, corrugated cardboard and masking tape could be the humble resources to create crowns. Adding the jewels, gems, precious stones and even fires, definitely brought the wow factor to them.

A big thank you to those parents who could make Friday’s celebration. Hopefully, you enjoyed sharing in their learning and got a taste of all that 3LA had been up to. It was wonderful to welcome you back into school on such a glorious Friday afternoon.

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