‘They all saw it this time, a whiskered furry face.’

What a delight it has been to work alongside Miss Lucas and 3L in the art studio. During Week 1 of the fortnight, observational drawings of fresh sardines were made. Graphite, charcoal, biro, pastel and watercolour were used to create their numerous scales, ‘feathery’ tails, beady eyes and soft body.

The ‘warm up ‘ to get the eye and hand coordination engaged, comprised of backwards forwards sketching and a continuous line drawing using felt tip. Because of their focus and concentration, the drawings were great.

Drawings of beavers was next. The appearance captured their growing understanding of this large rodent.

Then in groups, a collaborative beaver build using cardboard, the recycled packaging brought from home and masking tape commenced. The features of the beaver -‘paddle’ like tail, webbed hind paws and ‘whiskered furry face’ -were captured wonderfully. A great team effort all round and they were all so different. They joined Mr and Mrs Beaver in their icy Narnia location.

Relief Paper Sculpting in week 2, encouraged the exploration of manipulating paper in a variety of ways. Folding, scrunching, rolling, twirling and more as well as the plaiting of wool were the skills taught. 3L got creative and went for it!

In groups of three, the head, body and tail of a creature was drawn, but because of the folding of the paper and no peeping, the reveal brought the smiles and laughter. Great fun was had in creating and naming our very own remarkable creature. It was wonderful to see imaginations unleashed.

The skills of the relief paper sculpting were used when ‘decorating’ their imaginary creatures that had been enlarged onto cardboard. The results were fabulous, and made the installation for the exhibition truly wonderful.

Thank you to the parents of 3L who joined in the celebration on Friday afternoon-it was fabulous to have you back in school and share in all our learning. To have an audience for the oral retelling of ‘How to catch a fish in Narnia where it is always winter and never Christmas’ as well as perform their stunning beaver dance that had been choreographed by Miss Allison was brilliant. We hope you enjoyed your whistle stop tour of the art studio, library, barrier game and book looks as well as the treasure hunt.

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