The Romans and Celts invade the art studio

Tessellating tesserae versus swirls and knots introduced the different styles that would dominate over 4K’s time in the studio. To create their own ‘art’ from natural and man made objects allowed imagination and creativity from the start. It was also an opportunity to work collaboratively in groups. The concentration and joy was wonderful to witness.

Mosaic patterns influenced by the Greek key were used by the ‘Romans’ in their relief and press prints. Meanwhile, the Celtic knot and swirling lines inspired the ‘Celts’ for their prints. Inking up their plates, required effective use of the rollers-one for the ink and one to apply pressure. Working with a partner ensured that the inking up process was followed and that the area remained relatively clean! I am sure you will agree that the prints definitely differed between the regimented Romans and the patterns of the Celts.

Eagles, wreaths, lightning bolts and red dominated the Roman shield designs, whereas the swirls, patterns and mythical creatures were used in the circular Celtic shields. A variety of drawing materials-graphite, oil pastel, felt-tip, pencil crayon and wax crayon-brought their designs to life. Both had the ‘boss’.

Each group was then encouraged to use cardboard and a glue gun to make their shield. To raise elements of their design from the flat base of the shield made it sculptural and developed their understanding of making a relief. Bold and simple had been the brief.

Making a handle for their shield was their final challenge, before painting their creations. As you can see, the results were impressive and each shield unique. Well done 4K for showing resilience and perseverance in your creating, building and making.

It was wonderful to showcase all the creativity on Friday to 4K’s parents and or interested adults and siblings. Thank you so much for sharing in the learning. It was wonderful to see creativity in the youngest visitors too…

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