‘Deer Clan’ impress

Dear Deer Clan,

Over the past fortnight, you have impressively shared your knowledge of the three periods within the Stone Age. This was captured powerfully through drama at Friday’s celebration.

Your cave paintings showed how hunting, cooking and homes developed during this time. Because of this, you owned the artwork and could share what the symbols represented to your interested adults.

During the fortnight, I was impressed with your collaborative skills-especially in the making of your masks. Who knew that a face mask, plant pot, wire, card, masking tape and acrylic paint could produce a herd of impressive stag heads? Thank you for persevering in the process.

Your ‘coiled’ clay pots introduced you to new vocabulary such as the heel of your hand, scoring and hatching, slip and coil. Once again, you impressed in following instructions as the bespoke pots show. With your parents, you shared your knowledge and skill and wowed me with your plasticine creations!

Thank you for embracing the different learning opportunities during the fortnight.

Thank you,

Mrs J

P.S Here is some of the fabulous feedback from Friday’s celebration:

‘It was truly educational for me. It was so amazing to learn about the Stone Age. Great effort from the teachers in teaching kids so much in an easy and understandable way.’

This afternoon has been amazing! Keep up this high standard please.

‘Really enjoyable and informative afternoon. It was lovely to not only see the artworks, but take part in creating them. Really well organised.’

‘Thank you for a great time with our children. It is so nice to see what they have done. The pieces of art are just amazing-very creative!’

‘Very enjoyable and lovely to see how enthusiastic and knowledgeable the children are.’

‘Today was the best day with my child. I am so happy and I enjoyed being with my son.’

‘Really enjoyed today and seeing Harvey’s work. Really liked doing the pottery class with him. Thank you.’

‘Very interactive and great to see what the kids are learning, and how they apply this.’

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