Earth and beyond…

Jackson Pollock’s ‘Galaxy’ inspired our own splashy, drippy, messy paintings. Like him, we were action painting. Within the brushstrokes, dribbles and splats can you spot constellations, planets and moons? Apologies for the paint on clothing and footwear, as our aprons did not protect against the splattering of paint. However, as the photographs show we did have fun.

With Mrs Girt, 5C created their imaginary planets-big enough to have enough gravity to force a spherical shape. These pastel drawings were referenced when painting their Modroc planet.

The studio looked like Narnia at one point during the fortnight, as the plaster from the Modroc went everywhere! The process involved:

  • dunking a strip of Modroc into some tepid water
  • removing the gauze strip from the water and running fingers down the strip to remove the excess liquid
  • applying the strip to cover an area of the balloon
  • overlapping layers by 20-30mm

We then left the ‘planets’ to dry, before painting them with acrylic and ready mixed paints.

What was the landscape like on our imaginary planets? What creatures inhabited it? This is where 5C drew upon their imaginations. Their settings were created using card, papers and a variety of drawing materials; creatures, inspired from sketchbook work, emerged from modelling clay.

Having an open heart, a resilient spirit and taking responsible steps were all needed by 5C during their time in the art studio. Effort and determination were necessary because art is a process, takes time and after reflection may require us to go again.

Thank you to all the parents and interested adults who were able to attend Friday’s celebration. 5C certainly appreciated having an audience for their dance performance and loved having that special someone to share in their learning. Below are photographs of the art studio, morph making and results as well as the feedback.

‘It’s always great to have an opportunity to see the children’s artwork and to work together during these sessions. They are always fun to join.’

‘The children really enjoyed the art part.’

‘It was lovely to be shown by Isabelle what she has done rather than just hearing from the teachers.’

‘The celebration was lovely to finally see what they have been doing after hearing all about it at home!’

‘It was great to be back in school and to see the children’s excitement. Fabulous collaboration and feels like a celebration. Good to see everyone interacting together.’

‘Absolutely brilliant. Great to see such a range of art and performance and lovely to get involved too.’

‘So wonderful to see the art that the children do. Adriana talked so much on how she enjoyed her time at the art studio. It’s wonderful.’

‘Very good. Enjoyed the making of Morph!’

‘Everything was amazing. Thank you.’

‘We enjoyed seeing all the kids work. It was good to have sessions interactive.’

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