It’s the Final Countdown…

From the outset, 5S were using their imaginations to create a creature/alien that inhabited their planets. Their drawing was then made into a clay sculpture. Coils, thumb pots, creating limbs, wings, heads and tails 5S were initially made using modelling clay and from just one lump pull out their creatures. We then moved onto the medium clay.

‘Sketching with clay’ had its challenges as sculpting is not an everyday activity. However, 5S remembered the importance of applying the hatching and slip to attach/ join clay. Their creatures emerged from the clay, with textures applied by drawing into the clay with tools or making an impression with another object onto the clay to suggest scales etc. They were then left to air dry.

So that the details-so impressively etched/mark made onto their creatures was not obliterated by applying acrylic paint- a sponge was used to bring their creatures to life. A thin brush dipped in the paint helped to add shade and accentuate features.

5S also dabbled in printmaking during their time in the studio. Collagraph was the printmaking method used to create textures and layers to a cardboard ‘plate’. To play and explore was actively encouraged as they created, inked, added and inked again. Masking tape, tin foil, string, bubble wrap, ribbon, corrugated card and more were used to build up their plates-a glue gun used to ensure the materials remained on the plate. The results were impressive.

5S then used this method to portray the ‘skin’ of their imaginary creature.  They created two final prints. One print was used to capture their creature by drawing around their template of it, cutting it out and finally gluing onto paper. Its habitat was drawn with parents/interested adults during 5S’ art celebration. The other was exhibited in the studio along with the collagraph to be framed at home!

Thank you to all the parents and interested adults that attended 5S’ arts celebration. You were definitely an appreciative audience and embraced the carousel activities with your child. Conversations throughout the afternoon shared how much 5S had enjoyed their time in the art and dance studios and how much you valued our holistic approach to their learning. Prior to the fire alarm, two parents managed to give their written feedback!

Thank you for organising this afternoon, which was amazing. Good to see what the kids have done. Look forward to any future events of this type.’

‘I enjoyed the show most. Great arrangement. Everything is good. Very nice to see their study.’

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