Colourful Me!

Are you predominantly green/purple/red/yellow/black/blue? Perhaps, like 5P discovered, you are a ‘cacophony’ of colour.  

There are emoji that attempt to share our emotions, moods, thoughts and feelings and there are so many words. However, our reliance is often on happy/sad/ angry… Over 5P’s arts fortnight, we drilled down into our emotions. We recorded them, put colour to them as well as acknowledged the triggers for our smiles, outbursts, frustrations, calm….

In the studio, we selected the colour that matched our ‘feeling/emotion’. Then, inspired by Joan Miro’s artwork, we too let our imaginations splurge images, shapes, objects, people and places with felt tips, pastel and crayons onto paper. The results were intriguing and exciting! Some of us etched words and phrases into these imaginative works that initiated conversation.

Really looking at your face can be hard. But the more you look, the more you see and you can capture the essence of you.  Our quick sketches provided our portraits for the ‘mind vomits’.

These we then painted in the colour –making tints and tones- of how we were feeling. Who knew that a parent consultation would bring nervousness and anxiety for one young person in 5P-black and grey! Thankfully, there were many green (relaxed/calm/peaceful/untroubled) and yellow (happy/content/glad/pleased) portraits. We then added the ‘mind vomit’-splodges of colour that shared our innermost thoughts and feelings. A sprinkle of glitter and placement of sequin provided sparkle!

We then made our worlds-using Modroc. The process involved:

  • dunking a strip of Modroc into some tepid water
  • removing the gauze strip from the water and running fingers down the strip to remove the excess liquid
  • applying the strip to cover an area of the balloon
  • overlapping layers by 20-30mm

Whilst our Modroc worlds were drying, we used tissue paper and PVA to create ‘wrapping paper’ that would cover them. The colours represented our emotions, with the tissue ripped, torn and or cut into shapes/ objects before gluing onto a bin liner. Once dry, we peeled them from the bin liner and then glued them onto our worlds.

The final part of the process was to create a paper chain that circled our worlds. These chains recorded the ‘when’ and ‘what ’and ‘whys’ for our feelings and again provided the opportunity for conversation with peers and at the celebration parents and interested adults.   

A big thank you to so many parents and interested adults of 5P, who attended Friday’s celebration. Below is parental feedback which shared how fabulous they found the afternoon!

‘It was a fantastic celebration. It was lovely to see the results of all the hard work carried out by the teachers and children. Thank you so much for creating an unforgettable experience for the children. It was lovely to see Madeleine in her element, a fantastic celebration of the creative arts.’

‘This was such an interesting and engaging event. It was great to see the kids expressing emotions the way they did. The dance was amazing.’

‘A relaxing day with my daughter. A joyful experience knowing what she feels and learns in school-positive vibes.’

‘I was very interested to see the art work and the colours of how they feel.’

‘It has been great to see what Tom and his class have been up to. Dance performance was fab and it was great to see the kids being creative!’

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