Spring surprises, maps and parks…

‘Drawing allows children to explore, build on and record their own creative and imaginative ideas. It allows children to express themselves and communicate to others. In can also increase understanding.’  Jo Adetubji

Our walk to the local park, on a glorious April morning, provided:

  • the destination for our maps,
  • our initial appreciation of Spring emerging
  • an appreciation of the swings, see-saw, climbing frame and roundabout that would translate into a paper sculpture and painting

 Being presented with a tray of colourful thick marker pens, an expanse of paper and asked to draw a map of their journey from school to the park was a glorious glimpse into the features and experiences that they had remembered. Cartographic artists are what 1DT are!

Portrait or landscape was a decision to be made on being presented with sugar paper and tasked to create a background for their park by using a sponge technique for the sky and brushstrokes for the grass. Who knew how much effort was required to sponge! Once dry, the children drew on their parks using a variety of drawing materials…chalks, oil pastels, pencil crayons, felt tips, wax crayons. The results were precious and definitely captured the joy experienced.

After experimenting and playing with a variety of paper to create their individual reliefs, a group challenge was set. Could they collaboratively make/build a park? As the colourful parks share, there was so much ingenuity. With the support from Miss Hirst, 1DT excelled at manipulating the paper to build the features found at the park.

Blossom, daffodils, tulips, daisies and dandelions were just some of the signs of Spring that 1DT appreciated over the fortnight. Our observational drawings of some fabulous tulips and daffodils inspired our watercolour paintings and tissue paper art.

Dexterity with scissors in cutting out the tissue flowers was definitely a challenge for many in 1DT. The process also involved gluing the tissue onto bin liners-a light touch so that the paper did not rip was essential as was handling the glued paper and placing it onto the bin liner. We were all very proud of our achievements.

‘Wow…inspiring…fabulous…wonderful’-these were just some of the adjectives used by parents and interested adults of 1DT, after spending Friday afternoon at Allerton CE and sharing in some of the learning that happened during our Arts Fortnight.

The following feedback was lovely to receive:

‘Rosa enjoyed looking for the signs of Spring-what a good idea the little box was. Thanks very much.’

‘A great afternoon. My favourite part was seeing the art studio as I know Penelope loves to be creative.’

‘Thank you very much for organising this afternoon. Thank you for all the effort in inspiring my little girl Chloe!’

‘Enjoyed very much-especially the lovely dance and the art studio.’

‘Fabulous! It’s great to see what the children do in school time.’

‘Great activities. Kids and parents loved it.’

‘It was a very lovely afternoon. In particular I enjoyed seeing the artwork and group reading of ‘The Disgusting Sandwich. Thank you.’

‘We loved the interactive session inside and outside and especially painting in the art studio. Everything was very well thought out and planned. Thank you.’

‘It was good. Teachers were welcoming.’

‘Thank you so much for hosting. What a wonderful visit! I loved how much the children enjoyed the dance (so many smiles). As always the art studio was a pleasure. I really appreciated the gluten free sandwiches too!’

‘I really like the set up in the art room. It brings back memories of doing art at school.’

‘Very insightful-thank you.’

‘Thank you for such a wonderful afternoon. I really enjoyed seeing the arts studio. Am disappointed I missed the performance.’

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